Hawaiian Style Healing 🌺 Honoring the Ho'oponopono

5 Days Left to Sign Up! Join us on a journey to Hawaii for 5 days of deep healing and transformation with Zoë and Eric Lumiere. Discover the power of the Ho'oponopono and create your Sacred7 intentions. #Healing #Retreat #AllowingLove
Hawaiian Style Healing 🌺 Honoring the Ho'oponopono

The Allowing.Love™ 5-Day Retreat is the perfect mix of diving deep, and kicking back.

And if you're not able to join us in Hawaii in September, scroll down to learn how to honor and experience your own Hawaiian style healing with a life-changing forgiveness practice.

About the Diving Deep

This immersive experience will support you in learning how to neurologically rewire your patterns and unconscious blocks. This will be the very first time we will be sharing the level of experience for this rewiring technology. Supported by recent breakthroughs in relational neuroscience, we are excited to dive deeply in rewiring the ways we hold ourselves back from what we do truly want to experience most in this life.

While the encouragement and opportunity for you to dive deeply will be there, noone wants to be thrown in the deep end by someone else. Rather this is a process of trusting yourself and trusting to feel and release those experiences that are calling to you.

Zoë and Eric will be with you, guiding you and supporting you every step of the way, creating a safe, confidential and truly transformative container.

OK! Time to Kick Back!

We’ll be staying on a stunning property with so many wonderfully relaxing and recharging things to do. So YES we’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the property, and the beach.

A Sacred7 Focus

We will be creating 7 Sacred Experiences for ourselves in our life. We’ll be identifying the Sacred Clear Callings in our life that truly fill us up and supports us in giving our OverFlow of Gifts and Greatness to the world.

So while this retreat lasts just 5 days, you will return to your beautiful every day life with a clear grounded connection into your Sacred7 intentions for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

Honoring the Ho’oponopono

An ancient practice of forgiveness, healing and rewiring

We will be using the Ho’oponopono as one of the tools of compassion and forgiveness we will be using for our rewiring throughout the retreat.

We will do our very best to honor this incredible Hawaiian heritage, including an indigenous land acknowledgement at the beginning of our experience. We are however NOT experts on the Ho’oponopono. We will be doing our best to both honor and pay great respect to the sacred lineage of this healing tradition, while grounding our practices deeply in our own experience and direct intuitive guidance.

For those of you that have been to Hawaii, you’ll know it’s a very healing place.

You can’t help but slow down, take in nature, and appreciate being alive.

We can’t wait to share this incredible land with you, while exploring deeply our lands within.

The Ho’oponopono

Experiencing this Healing Prayer

A guide for experiencing the healing nature of this ancient Hawaiian Prayer

The Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness, and functions as both a communication concept for reconciliation and a tool for restoring self-love and balance.

The simple 4 statements of the Ho’oponopono forgiveness prayer, is a powerful alternative to Self-Forgiveness Statements.

The Ho’oponopono Prayer

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you. I love you.”

In practice, it works sort of like a mantra for self-love. But in the application of our hurts and fears, it is profoundly clearing and healing.

The word ho’oponopono roughly translates to “cause things to move back in balance” or to “make things right.” In native Hawaiian language, “pono” means balance, in the sense of “life.” When things are in balance, nothing is off, all is as it ‘should’ be.

Many share that chanting this prayer over and over is a powerful way to cleanse the body of guilt, shame, haunting memories, ill will, or bad feelings that keep the mind fixated on negative thoughts. And as a forgiveness practice, it is also deeply resonant, as it tends to penetrate our inner monologue over time.

You can ‘do’ this prayer in so many different ways.

You can say it to yourself.

You can say it to another.

You can say it to a situation.

You can simply say it and see what comes present.

You can say it over and over addressing absolutely anything that you like.

Some powerful examples are:

If I’m feeling hurt and abandoned by someone I might…

Say “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you. I love you.” to myself first, really letting myself feel sad, sorry and hurt.

Then I may be guided to say “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you. I love you.” to the person I feel abandoned by… being open to sharing sorry for anything I may have ever done to hurt or abandon them?!

I can also imagine the other person saying “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you. I love you.” to me!

I can then say “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you. I love you.” maybe to another person that’s come up, that is related to the situation in some way.

I may then say “I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank-you. I love you.” to the very little Zoe that often felt abandoned when she was very small.

The application really is limitless.

What can be powerful about this prayer or mantra, is really feeling and experiencing each phrase… not JUST saying them in some wrote, disconnected fashion.

Allow yourself to feel “I’m sorry” with compassion and understanding.

Allow yourself to deeply experience and open to the offering, the request, the deep and

Spirit-led ask of “Please forgive me.”

Maybe then take some time. Pause.

And then allow yourself to feel forgiveness. To receive whatever’s present. Allow yourself to deeply receive what’s for you right now and say “Thank-you.”

And finally, allow yourself to deeply feel, experience and express “I love you.”

As with all things healing and transformational…it’s not really about the information…it’s about the experience.

From Dr. Zoë

From my heart to yours.

This life is so stunning. So sweet. So sacred. And yet it’s so understandable that we feel so pushed and pressured.

This life truly IS created not by what happens to us, but how we relate to what we are given: to what happens for us.

It is my clearest intention to support everyone with their own clear experience of the hugeness and healing nature of their own Self-Love and Self-Compassion. Once we have experienced deeply, and divinely, that even the most rocky times are given to create the solid foundations we need to grow, to strengthen and to deepen into the truth of ourselves and our life.

Consider that you can absolutely ADORE your life, just as it is right now. And that ironically, learning how to fall in love with you and your life as it is…is the BEST conscious manifestation recipe for expanding into what’s next, what’s more, what’s clear and calling to your heart right now.

Of course we CAN have this experience in any part of the world. And we can’t wait to enjoy this sacred, sweet experience in Hawaii.

Enrollment does close this Monday, so make sure you schedule a time to chat with me before Monday 5pm Pacific if you’re interested.

Huge love and hugs to us all, xooxxo Zoë 🌺

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Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Zoë supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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