A Meditation for Happiness 😌

Happiness meditation is a practice that aims to cultivate feelings of joy and contentment by focusing on positive emotions and experiences. Through regular practice, it can help individuals enhance their overall sense of well-being and lead to a happier and more fulfilling life.
A Meditation for Happiness 😌

Fenix’ PepTalk

Watch this video for the very complicated steps for my favorite type of meditation. I call it a hug.

And I can do this meditation for an hour or more. It’s guaranteed to make me feel all kinds of happier, and it also helps the one that’s hugging me.

So make sure you do some meditation today – close your eyes and get lost in a hug today!!!!

I love you 🐾 #YourHappyCoach, Fenix xoxox

Pretend Meditation for Greater Happiness

Strategy from Dr. Zoë Lumiere

To understand how meditation might help us truly be happier, we’re going to unpack a psychological phenomenon called your "happiness set point."

Research from Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts in 1978 revealed that lottery winners actually weren't all that much happier than hospital patients suffering from spinal cord injuries.[1]

Take that in...for just a moment.

Researchers found what is now referred to as the "happiness set point" theory. In essence the amount of happiness you have within you is based significantly on your genetics. Happier people naturally have more activity in the front portion of the brain. So, even when unfortunate, stressful, or life altering events happen, their brain chemistry will shift back toward their innately joyful nature within a few months.

And guess what one activity, more than any other, radically supports us in activating and being naturally more engaged in the front portion of our brain?![2]

Yep, you guessed it! Meditation.

Let’s dive in, for an easy but scientifically powerful way to get happier through meditation.

Pretend Happiness Meditation

Step by Step Guide

I created this practice about 10 years ago, for clients that resisted and refused to meditate. It’s worked like a charm for years.

Not only will this practice help meditating seem a little more accessible, but it might also help you to receive the rewards a little more quickly too.

You can do this meditation, either by reading the prompts and then guiding yourself inwardly.

Or let Eric guide you in a closed eye meditation by closing your eyes and hitting play below!

Fenix PretendHappiness Meditation
  1. Find a relaxed position for your body. Don’t imitate what you think meditating should look like. Unless you’re a practiced yogi, uncross your legs. In fact uncrossing your legs and arms is a great start. It’s ok to relax back into your chair. You don’t have to sit up straight. It’s ok even to recline, or to let your head rest on the chair or wall behind you.
  2. Close your eyes. Relax all the muscles in your face. Relax and release any attention around your eyes, in your cheeks, and in your jaw.
  3. Now pretend that you’re feeling happy! Just like a 5-year-old pretends to be a fire-fighter or a ballerina. Just pretend to be happy. You can look at a photo of Fenix, your dog, your child, someone you adore to kickstart your happy vibes if you like.
  4. You will have thoughts, and distractions, and get lost! That’s part of the process. That’s ok! This is a process of simply continuing to bring your awareness and attention back to: Pretend to be happy. Then you get lost and think about the weekend. Then you come back to your focus: Pretend to be happy. Then you remember you need to do the laundry, and start thinking of all your chores. Then, whenever you can, you’ll come back to your intention: Pretend to be happy.
  5. That’s it! Please let us know how this goes for you!

From Dr. Zoë

Wishing you the most amazing weekend ahead!

We'll be in the garden this weekend. Maybe I'll make a video of how helpful Fenix is. He for sure makes me so happy, as I'm working to turn our backyard from dirt and weeds into our magical world of flowers, veggies and more.

He's so sweet. He just loves being outside with me. And every so often he'll just bound up for a little cuddle and a play.

I hope you'll be doing something you really love this weekend. And if you don't have something planned, I hope you'll find time for at least a little of truly what fills your heart to overflowing. Remember you truly can't support those around you to your greatest potential if you're not allowing yourself to be authentically charged by what makes you happy.

Just remember, Fenix couldn't be the world class life coach he is and support millions around the world, if he didn't start his day doing what he loves!

Oh my we love you all so much. Happy Weekend 🌟 Fenix and Zoe xoxoxo

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Dr. Zoë & Fenix

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