Habits for Living Your Calling and Adoring Your Life

3 Habits for Authentic Love & Abundance

What is Time in Love?

This really is only a question that you can ask yourself.
A question that is best answered by you.

And, the heart or intention of this habit, through the Allowing.Love™ perspective, is simply to spend time within: with your Self.

Who you are IS Love. The truth of your inner most essence: is Love. It's the big, bold, brave heart within you.

But we forget this too often, by thinking that we are:
this body, this mind, this physical world reality.

In a much truer sense we are:
the energy that fuels our body, the invisible loving consciousness that is watching and waiting patiently for our mind to take a break, and the invisible essence that is holding us and loving us through this physical world reality.

The intention of Habit 1 is to awaken you to a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with your Self: your Authentic Self or Soul. We all understand the value of investing time in our human relationships, with our spouse, our family, our friends. But perhaps the most important relationship we have, is with ourSelf.

What is Sharing Your Love?

Allowing.Love™ works on the premise that when we allow ourselves to receive that our heart wants the most, we can’t help but overflow love and support to the world around us.

Sharing from an empty cup, fosters resentment and emptiness. But giving and sharing from a cup that is full and overflowing, creates abundance for everyone.

And so sharing your Love starts with the question: ‘What does your heart want most?!’ It starts with opening to the experiences in this life that are calling to you?! What experiences in this life do you want, for your Highest Good?

We call this first step… Asking and Awakening (to your dreams and your calling).
The next steps are then… Letting that Love In. (How can you allow yourself to be filled to overflowing with the experiences your heart wants?)
And then… Lining up with easy and effortless Next Steps. (And how can you allow this experience move you forward in simple next steps?!)

The Allowing.Love™ 5 Steps for Spiritual Manifestation are a wonderful basic way to dive into sharing your Love.

Why Clear Your Blocks?

This is the habit we find people both naturally engage with the least, and also have the toughest time showing up for.

It’s understandable, that people don’t naturally want to focus on what’s challenging: on their fears and feelings.

But an obsession within the self-help and personal development industries on mindset and a blind focus on positivity has also contributed to a reluctance to embrace and learn how to use our emotions for clearing and healing.

We do know now that ignoring, avoiding, repressing and suppressing our emotions, creates a lack of balance and ease in our body systems: i.e. it creates disease, or dis-ease.

And perhaps most pertinently, avoiding and denying our emotions does NOT work.

Yes it creates dis-ease or illness in the body. But it also deprives us of the energy for motion - the emotion and life-force we need to fuel our lives and actions.

Clearing your blocks is quite simply allowing yourself to feel, and using love or whatever you choose to clear the blockage you feel.

The simplest version of clearing your blocks is the 4-step feeling for healing process.

If you're ready to truly master your habits and adore your life, consider joining The 4-month IMMERSION program starting February 2023.

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