Gratitude Gives us the Edge We Need 📈

Gratitude isn't just a feeling; it's a game-changer. By embracing gratitude, we gain the edge needed to conquer challenges with resilience and positivity. It turns obstacles into opportunities and setbacks into stepping stones.
Gratitude Gives us the Edge We Need 📈

Sacred Workout Time

Stretch those muscles of Gratitude!

Let's talk about overcoming our challenges...and how an attitude of gratitude helps us turn what's 💩 crappy in our life...into the source of our greatest happiness.

In our workout today we’re going to use some life-changing questions to help us turn our life AND our challenges around.

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1 minute of Gratitude Today!

Be grateful for 1 blessing in your life. Now be grateful for 1 challenge in your life…

Finding Gratitude for What’s Tough.

It’s so powerful to be grateful for anything, anytime, anyhow.

But finding and authentically experiencing gratitude for our challenges – Helps Us Overcome Them!!!

Can you find just one challenge in your life you’re grateful for?! Think about how much the challenge has grown, strengthened, created and expanded you into!

Here’s How to Move Forward, Says Psychology

Challenges help you grow and evolve by pushing you to improve and adapt.

They act as friction in your life, prompting you to rethink and create new ways to shine.

Challenges are a natural part of life and can make us stronger. Everyone faces challenges and it's essential to see them as opportunities for growth and learning. Just like how a broken bone heals stronger at the mended site, challenges can shape us and define our character. [1]

The catch is that you must be willing to move towards the challenge. You must be willing to embrace the totality of your life experiences and see how everything you have ever experienced or are experiencing is helping you become you. And once you see this, there are only two words that are required…..thank you.

Your Sacred Gratitude Workout 💪

Gratitude for What’s Challenging

  1. Think of one thing / person / experience you’re grateful for?  Write it down or say it out loud. Now that you’ve got that attitude of gratitude flowing, let’s use it to find the good in what’s been challenging us lately.
  2. Find one challenge you’re facing right now. Connect with it. Feel it.
  3. Now answer these questions, as authentically and open heartedly as you can:
    1. Why did I need this to happen to me?
    2. What am I suppose to learn from this?
    3. How is this experience serving me and helping me grow?
    4. How is this situation or person a reflection of me and something that I have not yet learned to love within myself?
  4. Now do your best to say AND FEEL ‘thank you’ for your challenge!

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This is no small feat!

It’s one thing to have gratitude for what makes you happy. What’s a much more challenging task, and a more rewarding learning how to have gratitude for our challenges.

But cultivating an overall gratitude for everything in life, even what’s challenging...might be the true spiritual source of a happy life.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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