Giving Makes us Happy 😁

Embrace change with grace and achieve your dreams through small steps! Start today by taking one simple step towards your goal. #SmallStepsBigChange πŸ’« What's your first move? πŸš€
Giving Makes us Happy 😁

Time for Our Most Powerful Sacred Muscle

Our Grateful Giving Heart

Giving Makes Us Happy 😁

Did you know that giving scientifically makes us happy. Giving activates brain areas associated with reward and pleasure, releasing dopamine. Compassion and kindness benefit both the giver and receiver, fostering happiness.

How much do you give?

Do you focus on material gifts? Or other random acts of kindness?

No matter what you’re called to give, consider that giving is a powerful muscle to build for greater health, happiness AND wealth.

1 minute for Sacred Giving Today!

What’s just 1 thing you can give easily to someone you love?! A text. A phone call. A meal. A smile. Just let 1 Super Easy thing spring to mind, and create a reminder to do it!

Focusing on Gifts of the Heart

It’s the meaning and caring behind our gifts that matter. So if you don’t have any extra cash lying around – there are so many things you can give that DON’T cost a cent.

A smile can change a strangers day.

A warm meal can change the trajectory of someone’s life forever.

And an attitude of giving from our full and grateful heart can create a life that’s truly happy.

Just be aware what’s easiest for you to give: Smiles? Money? Acts of Service? Be aware of what’s comfortable for you – and what other giving you could expand into!

There is a decent amount of research showing that the act of giving actually makes us feel better. Evidence from brain imaging also suggests that both giving gifts and receiving gifts activate core areas of our brain associated with reward and pleasure. These brain regions also stimulate the neurotransmitter dopamine. All in all, psychology and neuroscience suggest that giving gifts to other people can be a very rewarding phenomenon that can bring happiness to ourselves and others.

All in all, psychology and neuroscience suggest that giving gifts to other people can be a very rewarding phenomenon that can bring happiness to ourselves and others.

A Sacred Giving Experiment

Giving from Your Heart

  1. First heartstorm (it’s like brainstorming but we do it from our heart, not our head) a list of all the things you are able to give in your life. Smiles Kind words Meals Baby sitting Car rides …
  2. Right now, go down your list and be aware of one person you could give that to sometime soon.
  3. With each thing on your list – imagine yourself giving that gift and be aware of how that would feel?!
  4. Just be aware of which things put a smile and warmth in your heart more! Some might surprise you!!!
Pro Tip: Set an intention to give a gift a day!

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You ARE Giving All the Time… Remember That.

It’s true that we can ALWAYS give more. We can give more to ourselves, and to others. But it’s also very important to understand that we are ALREADY giving and it’s important to acknowledge that.

You might not feel like Mother Teresa – but you are giving.

You give to your family, your friends, your community in SO many ways.

Take a small moment to see how kind and generous you truly are!!! And Fenix and I are so grateful and lucky to call you our friend.

We love you xoxox! Fenix and ZoΓ« πŸ€—

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