Give More Smiles 😁

Through genuine interactions and acts of kindness, we weave a tapestry of love and support that sustains us through life's challenges. By prioritizing relationships and nurturing bonds, we create a reservoir of joy and fulfillment that enriches our journey.
Give More Smiles 😁

Grow Your Smiling Muscles

Get a happier life with this life-changing awareness and practice

A smile can change our entire world.

From the darkest day or toughest moment, into the little bit of hope and loving support we need to keep going.

Are you generous with smiles?
Do you realize how wealthy and abundant you are – because of all the smiles you can give away, every day?!

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Experience Your True Abundance

We are rich because of all the Love and Sweetness we have to give.

If you want to experience more joy, move Love, and more abundance in ALL areas of your life, start with smiles.

Give them away. Give them away generously. Today.

Your Sacred Workout πŸ’ͺ 

Grow Your Abundance by Growing Your Muscles of Generosity

  1. Smile, as much as you can today.
  2. Notice, how it gets easier, over time. As you smile more, it is easier and feels more awesome.

The way Fenix smiles at me...

When we're out, even though Fenix loves to be free, and adventure and is truly a wolf at heart...every few moments he looks for me and smiles at me.

Imagine if we did this for those we cared most about in our life. Throughout our day, we just remembered to check in, by saying nothing, and giving a heartfelt smile.

I feel pretty confident it would CHANGE all of your relationships for the better.
And I'm pretty sure it would change your life in more ways than you can imagine.

So remember how rich you are today. You have an abundant, almost infinite amount of smiles you can give away today.

We love you! Dr. ZoΓ« and Fenix xoxoox

Happy Sunday πŸ’œ

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Dr. ZoΓ« & Fenix

The ultimate happy coaching combo. Fenix supports humans be their best selves and beyond. Dr. ZoΓ« adds a little science and strategy.

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