Give a little bit πŸ’œ

Be Grateful! Give when and how you can. But most importantly, live a life that appreciate all that you are and have. It's a beautiful life. Slow down and see the Great Full ness in your life πŸ™
Give a little bit πŸ’œ

Grow Your Sacred Muscles

The most powerful habit for a life of happiness and fulfillment

How's your Gratitude Practice going?!

Here are some different ways to experience Gratitude, just to keep you growing and lifting...

πŸ’œ Gratitude for 3 things Simply allow yourself to be aware of 3 things you’re grateful for. Feel them. Thank them. Expand into your appreciation for them.

πŸ’œ Gratitude for Now Allow yourself to feel gratitude for this beautiful present moment. Use your 5 senses to experience being fully alive, fully present, right now. Allow yourself to feel and expand into being grateful for right now.

πŸ’œ Gratitude for Everything Just As It Is Allow yourself to start with one thing you’re grateful for in your life right now, until you can expand into more, and more, and finally into being grateful for everything in your life just as it is.

πŸ’œ Gratitude for Your Dreams Allow yourself to feel grateful for your dreams in life – the beautiful experiences you want more of in your life – and feel grateful for them as if they are full and present right now. Feel your deep thank you to the Universe for sending them to you.

πŸ’œ Gratitude for Your Challenges Allow yourself to be aware of a challenge or two. Let yourself be aware of how your challenge has grown, shaped and expanded you, and let yourself feel grateful for how you have grown in love, courage and more. Let yourself feel grateful for your growth and expansion, and for the beautiful invitation that challenges always are in our lives.

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1 minute for Sacred Gratitude Today!

Do it your way. But be the MOST GRATEFUL you've EVER BEEN. Right now. For 1 minute.

Giving Back, is the Key to All Abundance

Feel free to consider these ideas for Giving Back:

πŸ’œ Volunteering A wonderful way to give back is to volunteer. Simply let your heart lead you to the kind of cause you’d love to support, and google some organizations that need volunteers in your area!

πŸ’œ Giving Smiles This is one of the most profound and life-changing ways we can give back. Would you be willing to give more smiles in the supermarket. More smiles when you’re walking your dog. More smiles to your family and loved ones.

πŸ’œ Donating A wonderful way to experience abundance and oneness is to donate if you have additional disposable income available. Simply let your heart lead you to the kind of cause you’d love to support, and give what you can.

πŸ’œ Helping Your Family One of the BEST ways to give back, is to be aware of the kind of support our close friends and family could need. How might you like to give back to your Mum and Dad? Your siblings? Your besties? Remember it doesn’t have to be their birthday to share a special moment or give something meaningful.

πŸ’œ Helping Your Neighbors Is there someone in your area that you know is struggling? Are you called to reach out and support them? Is there someone in your area that you would love to support because of how grateful you are for them?! Trust yourself and reach out.

Gratitude isn't just a feelingβ€”it's a way of living that makes our relationships stronger, helps us stay positive during hard times, and makes every day a little, or a LOT, brighter.

Your Authentic Gratitude Workout πŸ’ͺ 

Just 7 minutes to a Whole New World

  1. Give yourself the gift of 7 glorious minutes in gratitude and / or giving back.
  2. That's it.
Pro Tip: Keep a Gratitude Journal – Write down your experiences of gratitude and your ways of giving back each day!

I'm just so grateful for you.

Sharing with you throughout this BETA πŸ’Š program, particularly in the LIVE Zoom Calls, has been such a gift.

I wish I could just spend my whole life giving my time and my love and my skills and resources away. I truly do.

And yet I do have to also make a living and ensure that I'm not just giving but also receiving.

I am so grateful I do get to keep Giving these emails away for FREE.
And if you do love them, enjoy them and get value from them, consider donating a little for them πŸ‘‡

I would be so grateful, and maybe more importantly, your donations are what ENABLE me to keep giving this all away for free. You can donate below πŸ‘‡

We love you! Dr. ZoΓ« and Fenix xoxoox

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