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Start Each Day Like Fenix

We would all be unstoppable if we got out of bed and lived like Fenix does.

Fenix is the TikTok Happy Dog. He has 2 Million friends on TikTok and 200 Thousand on Instagram.

While he himself is a rescue pup, his mission in life is now to rescue you, and any other human that needs a little help living life to the max.

And while he is adorable and undeniably inspiring, it is his ability to overcome HUGE challenges, despite all the odds, that helps and inspire us humans to meet our challenges with the same kind of Courage and Self-Compassion.

Fenix is now the World's Leading Canine Life Coach... according to his Mum and Dad... and maybe a few of his friends online.

Fenix was almost euthanized because he's different

Fenix has the Neurological Disorder Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Fenix Has Turned His Disability, into His Super Power

We believe, that with enough love and support, all of our 'disabilities', or differences, or challenges in life, become our super powers.

You don't need a disability to know that life is tough.

And you might not have a brain disorder like Fenix...but We all Have Challenges! We ALL feel Alone, and Different and even Disabled sometimes.

We sincerely believe, that dogs are here to help us understand how to Love, be Compassionate, and how to be Courageous with our lives.

And what you might not know, is that dogs instinctively do what leading Psychology, Relational NeuroScience and Holistic Life Coaching Practices prescribe...

Fenix can help you apply Leading Practices in Psychology, NeuroScience & Holistic Life Coaching

Dogs Love Unconditionally.

Dogs love, because that's who they are. Huge big fluff balls of love. And so no matter what you do, they're gonna love you.

And if you genuinely curious, about how to be happy and have a fulfilling, successful and rich life, you need to learn to love yourself first, and then others, like a dog loves: unconditionally. It's Spiritual Psychology 1o1.

Dogs Forgive.

Dogs are truly magical beings. They forgive effortlessly and instantly. No matter how many times humans fail them and hurt them, they forgive.

Who knows if not holding onto the mistakes and pain of the past helps a dog be happy, but we 100% know through recent Relational NeuroScience that forgiveness helps humans be happier.

Dogs Live in the Moment.

Dogs find immeasurable pleasure from doing the most ordinary things, every...single...day.

Because they don't have big thinking brains like we do, they are hard wired to live in the moment. And while it's harder for humans to learn how to live present, and connected and live in each and every new ordinary moment, it's possible.

Dogs Put their Own Needs First.  

Fenix has never once asked me in the morning Mum what would you like to do today. Nope. First thing, each and every moment of his life he has DEMANDED that we go for a prance. He knows he has to fill himself up doing what he loves, if he's to have the energy and love to rescue all the humans around the world.

This List Could Keep Going...

And that's why we created an entire blog and email coaching subscription out of this idea.

It's cute and quirky.
But it's also life-changing and fueled and scientifically referenced by leading edge Psychology and NeuroScience.

It's Free.

But if you'd like to support us, and get even more life-changing support, you can!

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On Mondays

We start the week with Powerful Intention Setting and the Science of Imagination.
Inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza, Oprah, and other thought leaders for starting our mornings in a powerful intentional way.
Explore – Intention & Imagination

On Tuesdays

We Dive into Health & Wealth, focusing on the Basic Habits for Health, Wealth and Happiness.
Including leading edge research on health and wellness.
Explore – Health & Wealth

On Wednesdays

We look at how to live with Greater Compassion and Kindness, for Ourselves and Others. It's key for letting go of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.
Informed by Scientific Research from Dr. Brené Brown, Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Kristen Neff, and Pema Chödrön.
Explore – Connection & Compassion

On Thursdays

We explore how to live with more Presence and Power, through Practices of Meditation and Mindfulness.
Inspired by ancient traditions from around the world, and global thought leaders including Eckart Tolle, Michael Singer, the HeartMath Institute, Kaizen and more.
Explore – Presence & Power

On Fridays

We dive deeply into the principles and practices for Emotional Health and Healing. We'll be learning how to use our challenges to grow our super hero powers of Love, Compassion and Courage.
Informed by leading edge research in Relational NeuroScience and Psychology.
Explore – Emotional Health

On Saturdays

It's time play and let our hair down, as we learn how to let our Inner Child reconnect for Greater Energy, Creativity and Intuition.
Inspired by dogs, kids and some adults that have learned how to be a Big Kid.
Explore – Fun & Freedom

On Sundays

It's a party of Gratitude and Giving Back. Get ready to Access Greater Abundance through Experiencing the Fullness of All You Have Now.
Grounded into practical and varied methods for living with greater gratitude and generosity.
Explore – Gratitude & Giving Back

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Yep. Your New Life Coach is a Dog.

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Love YourSelf. Love Your Life.

Spiritual Life Coaching with Zoë, Eric and Fenix Lumiere

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