Don't Forget the Love That You Are ✨

Beloved, let us not forget the love that we are. A poem on the essence of our being and a meditation to experience the love that you are. Take some time to embrace and to feel whatever it is you need right now.
Don't Forget the Love That You Are ✨

To answer our own heart's calling may be the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world.

That which truly fulfills us becomes a gift to all as we then participate in the world from a place of fullness rather than lack.

I have been in motion - answering a deeper call of my own heart, that continues to unfold, which is to share myself more completely, vulnerably, freely and rejoicingly. This new weekly newsletter will now be about sharing those things which I hold most dear, most powerful, most fulfilling. This will of course include my heart’s music, and also poetry, writings, future gatherings and other ways to come together, Experience and Celebrate the Love that We Are.

I drafted a whole blog post, but it got a bit complicated and mental. Words do that sometimes, don’t they? They can easily take us out of the heart and into the head. I find that expressing my heart and the love that’s present is often a very direct and experiential process.

As you read the poem below, I invite you let yourself have a deeper experience of your own True, Expansive nature. If you’d rather just listen to me reading it with your eyes closed, you can also do that here...

You Are the Shining Star

A Poem for Experencing the Love that You Are

Beloved, let us not forget the love that we are,
For it’s the essence of our being, the shining star.

Amidst the chaos of this world, distractions abound,
And we forget to look inward, where true love is found.

Our ego takes the wheel and leads us astray,
We search outside for what is inside, day after day.

But deep inside us, a spirit resides,
A love that is unconditional, always abides.

A peace, a stillness, a joy and a fullness,
An all-encompassing presence, free of judgment and dullness.

Oh, how we long to experience this love,
To know we are precious, adored and more than enough.

To live from this place of knowing, to see beauty in all,
To awaken humanity, and answer love's call.

Let us love the parts of us that are in need of healing,
For it’s through this love that begins the revealing.

The hurtful, corrupt, the violent and hateful,
They too need this love, it's not too late, it's not fatal.

If we all got the love we need inside-out,
We would see no greed, abuse, violence, or doubt.

Beloved, let us not forget the love that we are,
For it’s the essence of our being, the shining star.

To go even deeper, here is a step by step meditation,
inspired by this meditation πŸ‘‡

Experience the Love that You Are

A Step by Step Guided Meditation

Give yourself the gift, of letting go of the world around you.
Give yourself the gift of experiencing the world within.

  1. Begin by finding a quiet and comfortable place to sit, where you won't be disturbed or distracted. Close your eyes and allow your body to fall into it’s own natural state of breathing and relaxation. There is no rush here. Take your time.
  2. Be aware of your intention to experience the greater love that you are. Visualize this intention as a bright light at the center of your chest, radiating and expanding out in all directions.
  3. Allow yourself to become aware of any distractions or challenges that may be present in your mind or body. Instead of resisting or trying to push these distractions away, simply acknowledge them with gentle curiosity and acceptance. Let it all be ok.
  4. Again, focus on your breath, allowing it to become slow, deep, and natural as you expand your awareness. With each inhale, become more aware of the love and light that is present. Become more aware of a presence of peace and stillness even in the midst of any imbalance or distraction. Let that presence reveal itself and expand in your awareness. And with each exhale, allow any tension, stress, or negativity to fall away.
  5. Allow your breath to be Love. As you continue to breathe, experience the love and light touching and transforming every cell in your body, every corner of your mind, and every part of your being. Imagine that this love and light is healing and nourishing you at the deepest level.
  6. Allow yourself to feel gratitude and appreciation for this experience of love. Acknowledge yourself for taking the time and choosing into this experience. Know that this Love that You Are, this incredible Presence, is always available to you, no matter what challenges or distractions may arise in your life.
  7. When you are ready, slowly begin to bring your awareness back to your physical surroundings. Wiggle your toes and fingers. Acknowledge your beautiful body that allows you to do and experience so much. Take a few deep breaths, stretch a little, and when you feel ready, open your eyes.

How'd You Go?

I'd love to hear how it went for you.

Email Me

Remember that this meditation is a practice, and it may take time and consistency to fully experience the love that you are.

In my experience, there is always more as we are open and willing.

One step at a time. Be patient and gentle with yourself, and trust that the love you seek is already within you.

Love, Eric

About the author
Eric Lumiere

Eric Lumiere

Eric supports human beings in loving and expressing more of their natural and authentic Self, using music, meditation, mantra & more.

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