Enoughness 😁

Embrace the profound shift from self-criticism to self-compassion. Learn how to recognize your best efforts as ENOUGH, unlock motivation, and cultivate a positive mindset for personal growth. You deserve to feel fulfilled and know that you ARE enough!
Enoughness 😁

Time to Call Yourself Enough

The Key for Finding Inner Enoughness

Today’s culture is obsessed with perfection. Just look at an instagram influencer’s perfectly curated, completely unrealistic ‘life’ to see how we as a culture value what seems ‘perfect’.

And it’s not healthy. In fact it’s contributing to the current mental health crisis.

Today we’re going to unpack the limiting beliefs that hold perfection in place.

And a simple yet transformative workout for rewiring our limiting beliefs from the impossible chase of perfection to enoughness.

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1 minute for Authentic Enoughness Today!

In which area do you often feel NOT enough? Not… skinny / rich / pretty / successful / accomplished … enough?!| Now give yourself permission to see you like your best friend sees you. See and feel how truly ENOUGH you are.

Here’s How to Rewire, Says Brené Brown

When we’re chasing perfectionism, it’s shame that’s really driving us.

It’s thinking: “If I look perfect, live perfect, work perfect, I can avoid or minimize criticism, blame and ridicule,” says Brené Brown.

Rather than expanding us, it holds us trapped under impossible ideals.

It holds us back from living in the most seductive and sneaky ways.

And the key to releasing this vicious cycle of shame and playing small?!

Vulnerability: Sharing vulnerably.

And loving yourself as ENOUGH.

Start to share more vulnerably with your trusted loved ones, and just watch shame and perfectionism start to fade away. And tell yourself consistently: you are enough. And start to expand and grow in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Your Rewiring Beliefs Workout 💪 

Master Greater Energy and Enoughness

  1. At the end of each day simply say: I did enough, and do your best to feel it.
  2. For any resistance you feel (like maybe you ate too much ice-cream, so you feel like you weren’t healthy or good enough in that way): Let yourself see, that life is hard. Given ALL you have going on, that today was your BEST. Maybe you’ll do better tomorrow. But given all the seen and unseen challenges in your world today, that was ENOUGH.
  3. Keep reviewing any resistance that pops up, that holds you back from truly feeling like everything you did today was enough. Just do your best, to let yourself off the hook, and to feel that you did your best.
  4. Complete by telling yourself: I Am Enough. No matter what I did, or didn’t do today, I AM ENOUGH!
Pro Tip! If there’s one area or situation that’s really tough for you – you’re really struggling to feel ok at all, let alone enough. Consider sharing your challenge vulnerably with a friend. Remember shame can’t survive being shared. Once we have the courage to vulnerably share our imperfections, we begin to find the love, compassion and courage we need to move forward, grow and thrive.

We all struggle with feeling enough. It’s part and parcel of being human.

Making conscious, compassionate effort to allow ourselves to feel as if we are truly ENOUGH in this life, can be transformative.

As a small child, for many various reasons, I began to identify with being more lovable when I was responsible, achieving, amazing.

And so I’m still often very aware of a dull but unnerving sense deep inside of my consciousness that never quite feels ENOUGH.

And I am so incredibly grateful to be able to tell you that it is SO MUCH LESS than it was.

When I used to go on holidays I almost always had an anxious time because I just couldn’t NOT be working.

Now I can truly relax, truly rest, and truly enjoy my life… and I still have to be mindful of filling myself up with enough ‘ENOUGHNESS’ so that I can continue to rewire from my limiting beliefs – into greater and greater experiences of Love, Trust and Abundance.

I hope this simple ‘ENOUGHNESS’ process might be as life-changing for you as it has been for me.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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