Courage Over Confidence 🥹

Self-confidence, tethered to external validation, can confine us within limitations. However, self-courage, cultivated internally, propels us toward our greatest potential in a world increasingly valuing empathy and community over mere success.
Courage Over Confidence 🥹

Self-Confidence will keep you in your limitations.

Self-Courage will take you to your Greatest Potential.

Self-confidence comes and goes, often depending on outside factors to boost how we feel about ourselves. Self-courage, in contrast, builds up over time, drawing strength and motivation from within.

In pop culture, self-esteem and self-confidence have been pretty big since the '80s. Being accomplished and successful in life was a huge deal back then. But things have shifted now. Instead of just chasing material success and achievements, people are more into love, compassion, and community these days.

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1 minute for More Self-Courage Today!

What’s the single biggest project or goal you have right now? Just notice to what your head thinks about it, and how your heart feels about it… Pay MORE attention to your heart today ❤️‍🔥

Does The Common Trap of Perfection Also Hold You Back?

Are you aware of how your mind wants to plan, and perfect, and control the outcomes of your life?

And are you aware how your heart just wants to dive in, and experience, and play, and live?

We have the ability to nurture our self-courage and live more freely in our hearts, not just our heads. Get ready to grow your belief in yourself and your purpose on this planet, even when we feel anxious or like a mess.

We can still pursue our true calling and genuinely enjoy our lives even if we don’t feel like we know what we’re doing!

Are you getting this?! The distinction between how our head operates, and how our heart operates is subtle. But the power it opens us is MASSIVE!

Here’s What’s Important, Says Steve Jobs

Our head wants everything to be planned, prepared and even perfect. But that’s never going to happen.

We’ll never be perfectly planned and prepared, at some point we’ve got to trust our hearts and dive in.

Trusting your gut instinct, your intuition and your heart is the key to moving forward. Try listening LESS to your head, and listening more intently to those small, gentle nudges from your heart and intuition.

Everyone constructs their own path. The important thing is to follow your heart. Trust your own instincts, go inside, follow your heart. STEVE JOBS

Your Self-Courage 💪 

Upgrade Your Self-Confidence to Self-Courage 

R – Relax your body, let go of the world outside of you, and breathe.

As you let go of the world outside of you, embrace and experience the world within you.

Ask to be filled with the Highest Good, the Highest Light, the Highest Love.

E – Embrace whatever you want to have success with in this world.

Accept that your mind has thoughts, and doubts, and old stories about it. Become aware of how your HEAD wants to control. Be aware of that urge to ‘Be Confident’ – to have it all figured out before you make a move.

And have compassion for how hard it can be to move forward until we feel perfectly planned and prepared.

W – Write down how your head would finish this statement, at least 10 times:

I have to…

I – Inquire ‘Are they True?’

Have the courage to find out if your ‘have to’s’ are true?!

Now let your huge loving heart give you all the love and courage you need to move forward into success without fear and bout.

R – Rewire and Reframe all connected beliefs

If you truly knew, without a doubt, that you would not fail… how would you show up today?

What thoughts and beliefs come flooding from your courageous heart right now!?

Write them down.

E – Experience the truth of your Huge Loving Heart

Say: “AND my truth is that I am… “

Keep completing your truth until you feel Whole, Healthy and overflowing with Love.

Pro Tip! Whenever you feel fear or doubt around something: a project, a person, a situation, etc… do this above process!

This Sounds Simple. Right?! But Takes a LifeTime to Master.

This technique will be a wonderful one to practice together in our LIVE Q&A Calls – so let me know if you have a question about this workout and if you’d like support with it.

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I truly believe that self-confidence can only take you so far.

If you genuinely desire a life that aligns with your soul, heart, and compassion, it must be fueled by self-courage.

Self-confidence sounds like: "I look great, I'm prepared, I have everything together, and I'm going to succeed. I just know everyone will love me."

Self-courage sounds like: "I may feel like a mess and be unsure of what's happening, but I'm so clear and aligned with what I'm doing that I know I will soar. I know this is my purpose."

In 2023, we don't have the same luxury of time and resources as we did in 1983. Life moves quickly, and simply being prepared, knowledgeable, and organized is no longer enough. Life has become more unpredictable, with frequent job changes, career shifts, and the need to acquire new skills.

I’d love to hear how you’re going! Write me 🙏

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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