Choose You This Tuesday 🧠

Harnessing the energy of your heart, you can rewire the pathways in your brain, forging new connections aligned with your highest vision. This union of heart and mind offers a gateway to transformation, where intention becomes the architect of your consciousness.
Choose You This Tuesday 🧠

Again, here’s the update POST BETA 💊…

Emails will continue and be FREE 💌

So many of you ADORE and USE the emails every day. So we’re going to keep making them available for free.

Weekly Online Group Support will be FREE 📹

Fenix and I will offer at least one free online zoom call a week. We’ll be sending out a survey to the folks that are interested to get your input on scheduling for this free call: email me back to be included.

We’ll Start Asking for a Few Bucks 💰

We’re going to start encouraging folks that CAN…to donate a few dollars for this amazing daily coaching support…SO we can continue to offer this FOR free…more about this soon.

LAST Week for FREE Access to the Dashboard 📈

This week we’ll be featuring the basic life coaching foundations and it will be the last week you’ll be able to access it for free!

NEW 1on1 Sessions – Pay What You Can ❤️‍🔥

So many of you have recently asked about 1on1 sessions with me! I will be making a handful of sessions available every week based on a pay what you can sliding scale. More on this soon. xooxox Fenix and Zoë 🤗 😉

Rewiring Your Cranium

Using the energy of your heart to rewire the pathways in your brain

It’s So Hard to Rewire Our Beliefs and Thoughts – Because we LOVE blaming the world around us.

It’s hard to let go of focusing on the world outside of us, because that’s how we find our control, power and a FALSE sense of peace in a situation. While we’re focused on changing or fixing the world around us, we don’t have to actually feel and deal with what’s going on in the world within us.

When we’ve been hurt by someone…

…we want to blame and we fixate on how this happened.

When we’ve done something wrong…

…we want to fix and solve so it never happens again.

Whenever we’re challenged…

…we find comfort in the control we feel by focusing on the world around us. The people around us. The situations around us. The next steps we can take. Analyzing preceding events.

Play Video | Dr Brenê Brown on Blame Basically we don’t want to let go of the outside world, because we don’t want to feel and deal with what we’re feeling and what’s going on inside of us.

Flood Your Brain and Body with Compassion

It can be hard to feel kindness and compassion towards ourselves when we feel like we should KNOW better and be DOING better. So stop that.

Really open to the truth that if YOU ARE a HUMAN you’re going to have DOUBTS and FEARS and NEGATIVE THINKING. You wouldn’t tell the seasons they’re weak, or the tides they’re stupid – so don’t tell your natural human state of being that it’s bad or wrong in anyway.

Let yourself feel that being a human is simply tough sometimes.

Let yourself FEEL support, kindness and compassion that you are simply going through a tough moment right now.

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Your Rewiring Beliefs Workout 💪 

Clearing Your Doubts and Fears

Once you are familiar with each of these steps, this process can easily take 7 minutes or less. However as you’re building up the sacred muscles necessary to clarity and experience these steps, it may take you longer.

And even though I’ve done this process maybe a hundred times, there are still some times that I do this that take a LOT longer than 7 minutes, but sometimes just 7 minutes.

It does take profound persistence, patience and Self-Love to master this workout, but it’s life-changing.

Click Here for the Full Instructions in the Dashboard for the below Workout The following instructions are brief. Get the full explanation with examples in the dashboard.

R – Relax your body, let go of the world outside of you, and breathe.

As you let go of the world outside of you, embrace and experience the world within you. [1]

Ask to be filled with the Highest Good, the Highest Light, the Highest Love. [2]

E – Embrace whatever fears, doubts and negative thinking you have.

Accept that you have fears, or doubts, or negative thoughts. Let that be ok. [3]

Let yourself have compassion for having a tough time right now. [4]

W – Write down what your Fear / Doubt / Thoughts are saying.

Allow them to write until they have nothing left to say. [5]

Now ask your body is there anything you are still holding onto? Keep writing until it says nothing. [6]

I – Inquire about how this experience is strengthening & expanding you?

How might this experience be for you? [7]

And what do you need to focus on your own growth and healing? [8]

R – Rewire and Reframe all connected beliefs

Say: “I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that… “ [9]

Keep saying and completing that sentence until you feel still and silent inside.

E – Experience the truth

Say: “AND The truth is that I am… “ [10]

Keep completing your truth until you feel Whole, Healthy and overflowing with Love.

Pro Tip: Do this Whenever the 💩 Hits the Fan! Whenever I’m really challenged do this workout* [or the Feeling for Healing™ workout**]. [Well sometimes I first eat a pint of ice-cream, and then try to avoid it away with some RHOBH], but inevitably I turn to this workout] *This one works best when my challenge is more mental. **Feeling for Healing™ works best when it’s more emotional.

Last Week to Access the Dashboard for FREE

FULL Detailed Instructions for Tuesday’s Workout Here

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I’m scared often

Whenever I get on a rollercoaster I’m scared! 🎢 That’s life. It’s big, and turny, and curvy, and terrifying sometimes!!!

So doing these kinds of clearing and rewiring processes consistently is EVERYTHING. It helps us see and use our fear as it’s meant to be used… a way to slow us down and connect us to what’s important. To slow us down and make us really pay attention!!!! It’s NOT designed to STOP us! But if we don’t develop these sacred muscles of self-belief and self-compassion life DOES begin to stop us. We begin to quit. And give up.

So hang in there. Keep going.

I love you and I believe in you xoxoxo.

If you haven’t – make sure you complete the BETA 💊 Survey here.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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