Join the Beta Team πŸ’Š

From March 25 - May 3 we're running a live demo of our Online Coaching Program! Join the team and get a FREE Month of the Complete Program!
Join the Beta Team πŸ’Š

We're LIVE!!! We're offering free online coaching from March 25 - May 3. Join the fun while we still have a few more spaces...

We all know we need to work our physical muscles, to stay healthy and happy.

But what about our Sacred Muscles?!

Our muscles of Self-Belief, of Self-Courage, of Self-Love & Compassion, of Self-Awareness and Intuition?

I have designed a program that will support you in building YOUR sacred muscles in just 7 minutes a day.

Most of us work out our sacred muscles maybe a couple of times a year - at a workshop, or seminar.

But what might happen to your life if you were committed to investing just a little time – just 7 minutes – every day to build the Clarity, Courage and Consistent Action aligned with your Authentic Self and Greatest Potential?!

Join the Team

There are 3 parts of the Beta Program:

#1. Daily Emails (or choose the Weekly Summary)
#2. Dashboard (It's Love Yo'Self O'clock)
#3. Weekly LIVE Q&A (for Professional guidance from Dr. ZoΓ«)

#1. You'll get our NEW Daily Email Coaching Program πŸ’Œ
Which includes a 1-minute reflection, and a 7-minute workout.

#2. Full Access to the Online Dashboard πŸ“ˆ
with Hundreds of Advanced Coaching & Healing Resources

#3. Weekly LIVE Q&A with Dr. ZoΓ« Lumiere
for Professional Support & Guidance

3 times a week I'll be live online for an hour – to answer questions and guide anyone needing support.

If you have questions - let me have 'em!

We Love You 😘
Dr. ZoΓ« and Fenix xoxo

Love YourSelf...Love Your Life

Transformational Life Coaching grounded in Spiritual Psychology & Relational Neuroscience

Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

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