Welcome to Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

We help kind people love their lives, through learning how to love themselves.
Welcome to Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

We help kind people love their lives, through learning how to love themselves.

If you're here. You're a kind person.

You are either an animal lover, which makes you the best kind of person there is 😉 and naturally compassionate, caring and kind.

Or you are interested in healing, overcoming anxiety and depression, and releasing past trauma... which makes you massively compassionate and probably an empath 🙌

And most likely... you're both 🥹

The World Needs Kind People Right Now

The world needs more of you...AND more FROM you...Right..NOW.

It's not easy being kind.

It's not easy feeling, and caring, and crying because you love so easily and so fully 🥹

This world doesn't teach you to build the muscles you NEED to thrive as a kind person.

Rather it teaches you to harden, to toughen, and to live life with less caring and compassion, so that you can fit into a bottomline, materially focused world.

So Fenix and I are going to teach you how to build your Sacred Muscles. The muscles you already have, but have been taught to devalue and abandon.

You're sacred muscles of loving others, and caring for others are already huge, fierce and fantastic. Keep using them. Keep growing those muscles.

But we're going to teach you how to grow your muscles of Self-Love, Self-Courage, Self-Belief and Self-Compassion.

To authentically and gradually believe in yourself, love yourself, and have the kind of courage and compassion for you and YOUR life, that you NEED to thrive and be happy.

Hi. I'm Zoë. And I'm so glad you're here.

You might know me as Fenix' mum. Or the woman on instagram that cries too much 🤣

And I am so excited to (finally) have enough Self-Love & Courage to be sharing this with you.

I'm so excited to show you how loving yourself can transform every inch of your life.

And I'm excited to help you learn how to turn just a little of the abundant kindness, energy and caring you shower on the world around you, onto yourself.

I've created a free email coaching program, with Fenix, to learn how to grow the 7 sacred muscles we all need to do that... and to create and enjoy a life that we love and adore.

And yep you betcha! There is more support available. I do have paid programs from $17, and both Fenix and I do offer personal support that we ask $$$ for.

But please know that this is my heartfelt gift to the world. A way that I give back. So PLEASE take advantage of this Free Email Coaching program if it calls to you in anyway.

The Science Behind This Work

I have a Doctorate in Spiritual Science, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, and have had my own Private Practice now for almost 10 years.

But more importantly, I have transformed the effects of one of the juiciest childhoods I know..

From an eating disorder and being addicted to men that didn’t love me… To genuine self-love and self-freedom, and a marriage that brings tears of joy to me just now as I try to find words to describe my life with Eric 🥹

I could not have done this, without my spiritual teachers John-Roger and John Morton. And I am forever indebted to my Professors Drs Mary and Ron Hulnick.

And my husband Eric Lumiere is the number 1 teacher, inspiration and support in my life.

But my greatest inspiration for this adventure is my neurologically disabled dog Fenix.

You might know him as the TikTok happy dog. I know him as the angel that continues to guide and grow me every day.

I'm in.

Together, Fenix and me want to share this adventure with you.

We want to support you every morning...
Fenix with his fancy prance, and me with my fancy education...

We want to help you grow your sacred muscles so that you can Live Through Love, not lack...
with Freedom, not Fear...
and be supported by your own Compassion, not Criticism...

In just 7 minutes a day...

We'll guide you.


You’ll begin to grow the 7 sacred muscles...

Needed to clarify what you want, clear the patterns and perceptions holding you back, and take the authentic action for loving your life completely.

On Monday start your week with a Clear Intention, Greater Intuition and Authentic Action. You'll be guided through creating a Clear Intention for your life, while growing the muscle of Self-Clarity 🎈

On Tuesdays we Rewire Back to Love™: we upgrade our belief system from Lack and Fear, to Love and Freedom using the muscles of Self-Belief and Self-Love 🧶

On Wednesday be inspired to Create more Connection and Support in your life reaching out to others using our muscle of Self-Compassion 🌻

On Thursdays we'll spend a little time being still, silent and sacred. You'll be guided in various techniques for Greater Presence and Inner Power while growing your muscle of Mindfulness 🌱

On Fridays you're gonna learn how to Turn Fear and Emotion into Fuel and Energy for rewriting our future with the muscles of Self-Love and Self-Courage 🦋

On Saturday get ready to ReWild. Having Fun, feeling Free and Doing what You Love shouldn't have stopped when you were 12 🫀

And on Sunday let's take time together, to be Truly Grateful and Give Back, while creating abundance in our physical life using the muscle of Heartfulness 💜

Give yourself the gift of just 7 minutes every morning, and watch your life transform.

Not convinced... No worries!

You can read and enjoy all of our Email Coaching Guides on our Blog whenever you want.

And if you're ever ready to let us inspire you each and every morning in your inbox 💌... we'll be ready and waiting with open arms 🤗

And for anyone that's ready to be supported in more personalized and interactive ways, we have an online dashboard, advanced resources, live calls and 1on1 professional support available.

We love you.
Fenix and Zoë 🤗

About the author
Dr. Zoë & Fenix

Dr. Zoë & Fenix

The ultimate happy coaching combo. Fenix supports humans be their best selves and beyond. Dr. Zoë adds a little science and strategy.

Love YourSelf...Love Your Life

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Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

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