The 1 Person You Need to Love (And Your Most Important Adventure) ๐Ÿ”

The First Practice, we encourage you to whole-heartedly show up for, is Being With You. And yep, it's as simple as it sounds... Spend time with you. It's quality time with you. It's spending time investing in the relationship with yourself.
The 1 Person You Need to Love  (And Your Most Important Adventure) ๐Ÿ”

The First Practice, we encourage you to whole-heartedly show up for, is Time Loving You.

You understand what time spent loving someone else is.
Get ready to appreciate what time spent loving You is.

Spend time with you.
It's quality time with you. It's spending time investing in the relationship with yourself.

It could be time in meditation, or listening to music, or chanting a mantra.
It could be time walking your dog, walking in nature, dancing or painting.

Just as quality time with a loved one will differ, depending on the loved one, and depending on your relationship... the way you choose to Be With You will also be unique to you.
And will change over time!

And Your Coaches for Expanding into Practice One are Fenix and Eric

Fenix' HappyCoachingโ„ข

will support you in practicing 'Being With You'

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Fenix' HappyCoachingโ„ข will support you living practice one: Being with You.

Fenix naturally lives the 3 keys for Being with You which are:

Key 1.
I am doing what I love.

Key 2.
I am living for myself first, and foremost.

Key 3.
I am allowing this time with me, this time in Love, to charge my battery so that I may be of help and service to others.

And for those ready to take their life to the next Spiritual Level...

Connect to Your Heart.Smile.Be with YOU.

Eric came in profoundly wired to his Soul.He has a unique gift and ability to help others also expand and evolve into a greater experience of their Soul Essence.

Eric's Being with Youโ„ข Email Coaching will help you build this important practice of spending time with you.

From Eric:

โ€œI am here to shine with you.
We are brighter than the sun.

I am here to explore with you.
We are together in this journey.

I am here to chant with you.
Our songs will echo in the cathedral of the heart.

I am here to shed tears with you.
Our vulnerability is our strength.

I am here to be with you.
We are divine and we are claiming that here and now.โ€

Being With You is an experience of the regal majesty of who we are.

I offer you a window into my journey, what I have learned, and the way loving, joy, togetherness, and music have transformed my life and brought me closer to truly knowing myself, to knowing the Beloved that we all are.

A friend once said recently that many people look up to me in how I live my life.

It is full of Grace, Joy, Connection and most importantly, Loving.
I know that it is simply and ordinarily, (yet uniquely), an expression of True Beingness, that same Beingness that we all are. It does not mean Life has always been easy.

I grew up extremely sensitive and shy, a stranger in a strange land, like many of the older Souls that have awareness of their True nature that is not of this world.

Music gave me a way to express and recognize my Self, and helped me heal the parts of me and my creation that were abandoned and judged.

Many of my songs have been written from the places inside of me that were crying out for the Love and Acceptance they didn't get before (from others or this world).

These are universal songs of transformation, healing, and awareness.

Music also has allowed me to express the higher natures and Truth of God, Spirit, Unconditional Love, Angels, etc through pure vibration, toning, frequency...and some songs have no words at all as they come from a pure place before words.

As I awaken to my Self even more, much of my new creations are love songs for God and all Creation.

In my experience, We All Are a Love Song of God being Expressed, an incredible, unique story among many in which Love reveals itself to itself. Why else are we here?

We are Loving in action, in unfoldment, in Remembrance! What A Joy!

So my Work and my Life is an invitation into the Celebration of who we are that is the Revelation of Love.

We don't have to wait, we don't have to suffer, we don't have to live by the law anymore. Grace is at hand. We are Grace. The only thing we need to do is be Open and Willing, to Let Go and Let Love have It's Way. Let ourselves be Undone and Remembered to Who We Are.

I am here to share that Celebration of Coming Home that is available in every moment. Being with You is about Being with One Another in this clear intention. We get to Open and Allow the Blessings that Already Are to be Revealed. We get to Reveal our Selves to our selves and experience the Presence of the Beloved. There is only Love. There is only That Which Is. And when we do that here, upon this physical Earth, we are an anchoring of the Beloved, the Light, the Truth and the Way. We are Emissaries and Instruments and Blessings beyond imaginable. It is so.

I Love You because it is Who I Am and Who We All Are.

More About Eric

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Eric Lumiere
About the author
Dr. Zoรซ Lumiere

Dr. Zoรซ Lumiere

Zoรซ supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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