Being with You™ Events

Being with You™ Events

“I am here to shine with you. We are brighter than the sun. I am here to explore with you. We are together in this journey. I am here to chant with you. Our songs will echo in the cathedral of the heart. I am here to shed tears with you. Our vulnerability is our strength. I am here to be with you. We are divine and we are claiming that here and now.”

Being with You Events are uplifting gatherings using music, meditation, stillness and intention to Experience the greater Celebration of who we are that is Love, Joy, Peace, Healing, Unconditional Beingness.

I create and invite a safe, supportive and totally inclusive space where we can be just as we are, allowing our humanity and our Divinity that naturally transforms and transcends our limitations, blocks, judgements and other barriers to Love.

Being with You is about Being with One Another in this clear intention of Living Love, True Self. We get to Open and Allow the Blessings that Already Are to be Revealed. We get to realize that we are Beloved, the Love and the Loved. And when we do that here, upon this physical Earth, we are an anchoring of this Love, Light, Truth and Way that is our True Nature. We are Emissaries and Instruments and Blessings beyond imaginable. It is so.

I Love You because it is Who I Am and Who We All Are.

What You Can Experience at a Being with You Event

  • A Palpable Experience and Awareness of the Greater Love that You Are which will continue to Guide and Bless your Life
  • Healing of blocks and barriers to Love according to your own Openness and Willingness to Receive
  • A Joy and Celebration of Life that is A Reference Point of Who You Really Are
  • A Stillness, A Peace that Surpasses Understanding that is an Anchorpoint for Spirit, Renewal, Healing, Clearing, Inspiration and Knowing
  • The Spiritual Family that You've Always Known Of in Your Heart of Hearts
  • The Beauty, Majesty and Power of Your Own Human Beingness

What Being With You Event is NOT:

  • A mindset training that works primarily with the mental realm
  • An informational seminar focused on knowledge vs experience
  • A pump you up powerful psychic or magnetic experience that is unsustainable and finite
  • A super organized, linear, compartmentalized, conceptual workshop
  • Focused on perfection or 'getting better', but the Unconditional, Loving energy that is the Source of All and it's Incredible, Powerful Presence and Ability to Heal and Awaken

Relative Accolades and Experience

  • Partner, Co-Lead Facilitator at Allowing Love: Love Yourself, Love Your Life
  • Masters of Spiritual Science from Peace Theological Seminary
  • Masters of Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica
  • Graduate of Insight Seminars 1, 2, 3 and 4 Self-Awareness and Leadership Programs (Also Assisted Multiple Seminars)
  • B.F.A. from the Clive Davis Dept. of Recorded Music at NYU
  • Over 100 Million Spotify Streams
  • Nominated for a Swiss Music Award

Music Bio

Eric Lumiere is a renown singer/songwriter that was catapulted into the Dance Music world after a classmate and DJ asked to remix one of his acoustic songs. "Anthem" was originally written as a songwriting class assignment and like many of the 'successes' in his life, it just happened by Eric being Eric. The success of "Anthem" (UK Top 40) was followed by other chart topping dance and pop music collaborations in the Netherlands, Switzerland and all over Europe including multiple Eurovision entries. Eric was nominated for a Swiss Music Award for his collaboration with DJ Antoine called "Thank You", a song about gratitude for the journey of life, the learning through all experiences, whether seemingly positive or negative.

Though he continues to collaborate with renown DJs, Eric is currently following the greater call of his Heart to serve Spirit in a more direct way, using Music, Meditation, Facilitation and Satsang to Invite others into an embodied experience of the Beloved that is always present, that stands within us all and is known by many names: True Self, God, Spirit, Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Inner Master, Source, etc.

Eric has performed and his work has been used in multiple events and materials by pioneering organizations such as Insight Seminars, The University of Santa Monica, and The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness.


"Eric Lumiere would be the first to admit his ordinariness as a human being. Having said that, my experience of Eric's loving presence is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether he's singing one of his inspired songs or he's having coffee with a friend he exudes Grace in a way that lifts those around him to a clearer more integral place. He's a gift to this planet and he is on purpose with a spiritual demonstration that's palpable beyond compare" - Stephen Mcghee, Renown Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker and Author


“So Grateful, Eric! Gorgeous! You sing from your Soul!” - Mary Hulnick, Lead Facilitator and Executive Vice-President, University of Santa Monica

"After you sung this on Saturday I was literally unable to speak for a couple hours. I just listened again and you take me deep in and high up. Bless you..." - Martha Ringer, Consultant and Coach

"I just listened to the entire album [Love Light Sound V 1]—vulnerable, powerful, personal, and I’d also say universal. You’re communicating a deep part of the human experience, that is sometimes painful yet coming from a place of caring, compassion, connection, love and loving.. So many folks stuff and suppress that. Your music can reawaken those higher qualities, what Lincoln called the better angels of human nature." - Terry Tillman, 22/7 Company, Coach, Leadership and Adventure Guide, Recently worked with Coldplay in Latin America


"Eric Lumiere truly is one of the most Light-Hearted people I've ever met. When I worked with him recently with a karmic block, he didn't try to fix or advise at all but created a safe, nurturing space to do the deep emotional work. He gently led me to trust and listen to myself as a guide to where I needed to go. I have experienced and witnessed his mastery in holding space as I (and others) have worked with long-held resistance, never pushing, always encouraging, always celebrating whatever happens in that tender, vulnerable work. And he simply beams Light and Love so working with him is always uplifting, healing, and freeing." - Angela

"Eric, I am blown away by you. Every week. You have a certain kind of clarity that you so easily and beautifully put into words...that stems from two of your superpowers you've been blessed with (even though I’ve heard you also can fly ♥️):
1. Listening
2. Your heart connection

You have an amazing ability to listen with both ears and heart, and I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever met anyone who’s so in tune with their heart as you are. I am madly in love with that about you, it’s crazy inspiring. There’s no weakness about it at all - I see the fierceness. Eric and Zoe do a beautiful job together. I realize I would like to invite more of those qualities in myself as I’m writing this to you. You are pure love Eric…. ♥️"

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