Before Your Session

Get the most out of your session with Dr Zoë Lumiere
Before Your Session

If this is your first session with Dr. Zoë Lumiere please complete this Pre-Session Form to support you in getting the most out of your session.

I encourage you to show up fully in each session, which can often include:
⏰ Giving yourself enough time to feel relaxed and ready
💧 Have a glass of water, and some tissues available
🕯️ Lighting a candle can help to clear the energy in your space
🍎 Not being too hungry when we have our session
📱 Eliminating distractions, including silencing all devices
🎧 Let anyone in your vicinity know that you'd like not to be disturbed

📹 The Zoom Link for your session will be emailed to you 1 day and 1 hour prior to your session.

Contact Us Anytime

💌 Email us anytime:

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