Authentic Communication & Body Language 🤗

Nonverbal cues are key in communication, with 70-93% being nonverbal. Learn how to improve your life in all areas by more communicating authentically 🤗
Authentic Communication & Body Language 🤗

Let's Workout Our Muscles for Connecting!

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Body Language for Love

Would you believe that studies suggest that up to 93% of communication is nonverbal. [1]

Really take that in.

We think we’re communicating what we ‘are’ – but often what we ‘think’ we’re saying isn’t what’s being received or heard.

Today we’re going to unpack communicating authentically for greater love, connection and happiness.

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What’s the 1 Thing You Would Really Love to Hear? Now express that to yourself. Feel it. Receive it 🤗

Don’t Just Say It! Show It!

Studies indicate that 70 to 93 percent of communication is nonverbal. Dr. Mehrabian's research in the 1960s involved subjects listening to recordings of the word "maybe" with different tones and matching them to photos of female faces showing corresponding emotions. The participants were more successful in identifying the emotions from the photos than the recordings, highlighting the significance of nonverbal cues in communication. [1]

It takes patience to be present when we’re talking with each other. Instead of just saying what you need to say, are you willing to slow down, be present, and communicate what you feel and mean?

You’ve Got to Feel It… to Communicate Authentically

When we’re communicating with loved ones, colleagues, and strangers alike, it’s important to remember that what we’re communicating isn’t ONLY the words that we’re using. [1]

We are also communicating with our body language, our tone and inflection, our facial expression and more.

Consider how we smile, and not only with our mouth, but also our eyes, and even our soft, open, loving hearts?! Consider how impactful and life-changing touch is. Kind, loving, respectful touch can communicate more than words can. Consider the softness and sweetness of your words have the power to truly convey more than the words themselves. So let’s dive in and unpack how to create closer relationships and happiness in our lives.

Sacred Muscle Workout 💪

Communicating with Our Heart

We’re going to play with our non-verbal expression, touch and the tone of our voice today, to become more aware of how we can create closer and happier relationships.

  1. Become aware of One Person in your life that you would love to feel closer to. And perhaps that you would also like to have a ‘happier’ relationship with, i.e. you share more happy moments together. Write down the name of that person.
  2. What is the most important message you want this person to know. I know it’s a little morbid, but you can consider what would you want them to know, if you were never able to communicate to them again? Write down your answer. It’s ok to feel and be vulnerable as you write down this very important message.
  3. Now consider how you would communicate this message in your face, in your expression? Write down your answer. Do your best to describe it.
  4. How would you communicate this message with touch? Write down your answer. Can you give yourself permission to really FEEL this?! Let it soften your heart and connect you to your loving within.
  5. Finally, what would be the tone of your voice?  Write it down. Describe it as best you can in writing.
  6. Now imagine what would happen to your relationship, if you communicated with these 3 keys: Review answers for Questions 3, 4 and 5. These are your communication keys for this person. Regardless if WHAT you’re communicating to them in words, consider that you can communicate with the energy and loving of your 3 keys.
Pro Tip: Try it out! The next time you communicate with this person, ignite your 3 keys within you, and then communicate. Let us know how it goes!

We Go Further…Together. We Need Loving Community to Thrive

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Dogs don’t hold back. They communicate so CLEARLY with their tails, tongues and their full body wiggling.

It can be sobering to think that when our loved ones fall ill or pass from this world, we are able to really feel and express what’s most important. But often it’s NOT until we risk losing someone, can we deeply connect to that inner experience and truly share it abundantly.

How might your work, your relationships, your LIFE be different if you communicated more completely – with more love and vulnerability?!

I can tell you that doing this work of emotional connectedness has improved my relationships profoundly.

Sometimes it’s scary taking the lead – showing up in greater kindness and loving. But you can do it. Fenix and I believe in you.

Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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