Are you playing enough to be successful? 🪀

Dr. Stuart Brown argues that play is fundamental to both success and happiness. By examining the neuroscience of play, we can uncover its profound effects on cognition and well-being. Let's embark on our own experiment to validate Brown's assertion.
Are you playing enough to be successful? 🪀

Time to Rewild

Growing our Sacred Muscles for Play

Doctor and Play researcher Stuart Brown shares that “Play … is the single most significant factor in determining our success and happiness.”

That is a HUGE claim.


When was the last time you played?

Let’s dive into the neuroscience that supports Dr Brown’s claim. And do our own personal research experiment to see if play can make that big a difference in our lives.

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1 minute for More PLAY Today!!!!

What’s One Easy Way You Can Play Today!? Will you let yourself just play… for 1 minute today?

What if the KEY to Your NEXT Breakthrough… was Play?

Play is critical to creativity and innovation. [1]

We need to get out of our default and automatic ways of living if we want to keep growing and expand.

Dr. Brown shares: “Life without play is a grinding, mechanical existence organized around doing the things necessary for survival.”

If you’re not easily finding your next steps, your next projects, your NEXT path forward in life… consider incorporating More Play.

Do you tend to be serious and get ‘er done. Or are you comfortable letting go and playing?

Here’s How to Be Successful, Says Science

I often find in working with clients, that: • having fun • doing something just for the joy of it, and • allowing ourselves to DO more of what we EASILY and NATURALLY love can
help us find our Calling, our Big Heartfelt Dreams and Goals in life.

And recent findings support this notion.

Neuroscientists, developmental biologists, psychologists, social scientists, and researchers from various scientific fields all understand that play is a significant biological process. It influences brain development and enhances adaptability in individuals. [1]

It is this adaptability that we NEED in order to succeed and thrive.

Play is necessary for our survival as human beings. It’s fundamental to our relationships, our development, our capability to learn, our ability to innovate, and to our success in all areas of life and even to the health of society.

Your Sacred Play Experiment 💪 

Incorporating More Play for Greater Success

  1. Which area of your life feels the most stagnant, and the most in need of a paradigm shift AND a huge injection of more energy and enthusiasm? It could be a particular relationship? An aspect of your work or just your career in general. It could be any area of your life at all. Trust what pops into your mind.
  2. First let’s heartstorm [yep like brainstorming but not done with the head – led by the heart] ways to play in this area of your life. Write down a list of absolutely any way you could play more in this area of your life. There are no good or bad ideas here! We’re just heartstorming to get our creative juices and spontaneous energy flowing!
  3. Now pick one! Any one! And commit to incorporating this for at least a week.
Pro Tip: If this feels really important to you – consider journaling about it daily. If you are in a big crossroads at work, or in a turning point in a relationship – I can’t encourage you enough to do this experiment and journal about it every day. PLAY MIGHT be the MISSING LINK to finding your way through this transition time. Don’t let your serious, stuck big brain try and figure it out. Overthink. Stress. Worry. Plan and Analyze yourself sick. Try PLAY!!!! Try just getting free and spontaneous and doing things with more joy and light heartedness and see what happens!?!?

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I did not like how much my Husband ‘played’ when we got together.

Ugh it was so challenging for me.

I was married to my work before I married my husband. But it took me a good few years to truly let go of the strict and pressure-filled way I felt like I always had to be working – and I had to be this huge success in life.

At first, watching my husband Eric treat life so freely, and joyfully, NOT seriously – drove me crazy! I judged him as not being ambitious enough. As not caring about life as much.

But over time – I have learned that one of my biggest coping mechanisms is an addiction to working and ‘being of value’. It’s a way that I try to prove that I’m going to be safe and ok to myself – and it holds me back from enjoying life.

I’m so grateful some part of me chose to marry Eric. It has been an ongoing expansion into taking life less seriously, playing more, and LOVING LIFE in so many ways.

And then of course we welcomed Fenix into our life – and now we BOTH are students of his profound ability to be free, and happy, to live life one glorious moment of play at a time.

I haven’t met an adult yet that does NOT need more PLAY.

So dive in. Let go of having it all together.

Play more. And watch greater success and joy find YOU.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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