Are You Full?! Or Running on Empty 🪫

Sometimes we need to ask for more support, and sometimes we’re called to give support to others. Either way, we all need to reach out more, be vulnerable, and connect.
Are You Full?! Or Running on Empty 🪫

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Sometimes we need to Ask for more support. And sometimes we’re called to Give support to others.

But no matter who you are, it’s important to do both.

Today we’re going to play with a fun and easy way to discern whether it’s time to reach out and ASK, or it’s time to reach out and GIVE.

Either way… we all need to REACH OUT more. To be vulnerable. And to connect.

Play Video | Dr Brene Brown on Vulnerability You’ve probably seen it before, but watch it again. This TED Talk is one of the most watched EVER. But we still have a far way to grow as a globe towards embracing and living more vulnerably.
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Your Sacred Support Workout 💪

Creating Community & Support

I’m not perfect at this, but I try to use my Wednesdays as my reminder to create more community in my life.

It can take just a minute, or maybe 7, but it’s time SO worth spent.

Click Here for the Full Instructions in the Dashboard for the below Workout The following instructions are brief. Get the full explanation with examples in the dashboard.

Just 1 Question today. And then 1 inspiration to follow.

Ask yourself, on a scale from 0 to 10: How Full Am I?

In each and every moment, you get to experience what Full means to you.

Where 0 = Empty and 10 = Full

When you are full, you know and feel it. You experience that you have what you need, and you feel whole and able to support yourself and others.

If you find yourself doubting, or questioning, or not being able to figure out if you feel full - or HOW full you feel – consider that you’re running on empty. Usually when our heart and body is on empty, our mind is overactive and is in questioning and fix it mode. This is a common sign you’re running on the low side.

If you answer: 0 – 3 🐼

Reach out and ask for what you need! Ok so you’re feeling a little low. You’re running on or close to empty! So it’s time to reach out for more love and support. The empowering truth about this experience is that the key here is that you reach out and ask. This is a Self-Loving Self-Compassionate action. This is HUGE. This is worthy of celebration and joy. It’s NOT about how your request was supported or not. It’s about the fact that You Had the Courage and Self-Love to Ask 🙌

If you answer: 4 – 6 🐱

It’s time to reach out and ask for support OR consider supporting others! Woot woot!!! You’re far from empty! You’re feeling great! And yep there’s room to grow into greater fullness! Awesome! So You Can Choose! Trust yourself. When you find yourself at around a 4 to a 6, trust your intuition. If you’re nudged to reach out and ask for support – do that. If you’re nudged to reach out and support another – do that. And if you’re called to do both – do that.

If you answer: 7 – 10.

Reach out and offer your support. Ask someone if you can help! Congratulations! You have clearly been self-loving yourself profoundly! Way to go!!!!!!! Time to take a moment and truly celebrate you right now… 🥰 🙏 🥰 🤩 😘 😃 🙏 🥰 🤩 😘 😃 It’s time to expand into that next level of your growth, by allowing yourself to give from the overflow.

The empowering truth about this experience, is that the key here is that you ask and / or offer love and support. This is a Self-Loving Self-Compassionate action. This is HUGE. This is worthy of celebration and joy. It’s NOT about how your ask or offer is received or used. It’s about the fact that You Are Reaching Out! You Are Connecting! And You Are Asking / Or Offering Your Love and Support to Your World 🙌

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I Struggle with Connection

One of the reasons I have so adored sharing Fenix online, is that it has helped me connect, share and meet so many incredible people… like you.

Dogs are completely vulnerable. Right?! They just wear their huge big goofy hearts on their paws!

And while we do need to discern who we vulnerably share our heart, lives and time with, it’s so important to be sharing the mess of our lives, just as much as the magic.

What are you going to do?! Ask or Offer support.

For me today, I’m going to offer support. I’m going to be offering my love and time to my favorite ranch again tomorrow! I can’t wait.

If you haven’t – make sure you complete the BETA 💊 Survey here.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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