Accept What You Want to Change.

Embracing the things you want to change is a important moment of self-awareness and growth. It requires acknowledging your aspirations for improvement without allowing them to disturb your inner peace. Through acceptance, you set the stage for growth and change.
Accept What You Want to Change.

Time to Rewire Back to Love™

Unpacking the Spiritual Power of Acceptance

I’d love to change all my bad habits. Like yesterday.

And I’d love to change every action of cruelty and abuse on the planet.

Oh and for sure, I’d like to change the climate crisis.

But I don’t let ANY of these things that I want to change – take my peace, my joy and my fulfillment.

I accept that I am a perfectly flawed being. And that we are in a very flawed world.

Not accepting these things is like holding our breath trying to make something change. It does NOTHING for positive change. And it drains our energy and is self-destructive.

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What’s One Thing You Find Hard to Accept About You? Could you accept it, if you knew it were the key to changing it?! Consider accepting, allowing, and being kind to that part of you, just for a moment.

What We Resist, Persists. But What does that mean?

That means what we fight or resist in our life – has power over us – and will continue to drain our energy until we accept and release our resistance.

Accepting something is saying ‘we’re gonna be OK’ with ourselves, if that thing continues to exist.

Consider a Mother that says to her son – over my dead body you’ll get a tattoo. This is a declaration of resistance – rather than acceptance. And it describes what we do when we say that we’re not going to be ok with ourselves, if someone lives their life as they choose. It drains our energy and our life-force.

The Key Distinction We Need to Learn…

…is that Acceptance, and Action, are 2 different things.

Acceptance is an Invisible Process Within You.

Acceptance is an invisible, internal, energetic state of peace and cooperation which contributes to greater health on all levels. It says ‘I’m going to be ok no matter what.’

The opposite of acceptance is resistance. Which is a process of contracting and fighting the existence of something invisibly (in terms of thoughts, beliefs and feelings). It says ‘I’m going to not be ok because of this thing.’

Many of us don’t want to see that we can be ‘OK’ even if terrible things go on. We feel like accepting it, being ok despite it, detracts from being an agent for the change we want to see. But the opposite couldn’t be more true.

If we accept within, we are more likely to make positive change in the world.

And our action is proven to be MORE EFFECTIVE if we can accept what we want to change, rather than buy into the lie that we’re not going to be ok if it continues to exist.

So many of us are holding back from real levels of health and greater energy, because we are resisting certain challenges of life.

We commit to NOT being ok because our spouse did this. Or NOT being ok because the Government did this. Or NOT being ok because of so many things ENTIRELY OUT OF YOUR CONTROL.

Learning to accept life frees us up to being ok, happy and healthy, EVEN THOUGH we live in a pretty f’d up world.

And when we can BE OK even if this thing exists, then we have power and freedom and more energy and clarity.

If we allow ourselves to BE OK (to accept) with the dysfunction of the world, we are able to have greater clarity, courage and compassion for changing it. It’s also true for the dysfunction IN us. If we can accept and be ok, even though we drink, and smoke, and don’t work out, and eat junk food – we’ll actually be WAY MORE EFFECTIVE in making positive change.

Your Inner-Acceptance Workout 💪 

Powerful Change by Letting Go of Resistance

Your Inner-Acceptance Workout 💪

Powerful Change by Letting Go of Resistance

  1. Choose the thing you find it most challenging to accept – to be ok with – even though it exists. It can be a dysfunction in the world – or a dysfunction in yourself. World Example: Current Shelter Crisis Personal Example: Drink too much
  2. First, let yourself complain, blame and call names. Give your resistance a voice. An uncensored voice. Let it write as much as it wants. Let it get as negative as it wants. Really allow yourself to let off some steam, and rant and rave. World Example [Current Shelter Crisis]: It’s terrible. People are useless. They’ve got to do better. This is not ok… Personal Example [Drink too much]: It can’t continue. It’s got to stop. You’re pathetic and weak. Just stop it. Just change.
  3. Now imagine Wholeness, Health and Complete Change. In your imagination, see and experience your ideal outcome. World Example [Current Shelter Crisis]: I’m seeing all dogs have homes and be loved and cared for. Personal Example [Drink too much]: I’m seeing myself drink only in healthy, self-loving, balanced ways.
  4. Now ask yourself – What’s holding you back from being OK, while this exists? What lie is keeping you from acceptance? World Example [Current Shelter Crisis]: I feel like I should be doing more. I feel like it’s my fault. I feel bad for not doing more. I feel like I’m somehow responsible and a part of the problem, even though I know it couldn’t be further from the truth. The lie is that I’m responsible for this problem. Personal Example [Drink too much]: I feel just so stupid and weak and pathetic for not being able to show up perfectly and say no more. I think I’m afraid I might be like some of my relatives, that let themself get really sick and dysfunctional. But when I think about it like that, I can really see that I’m not even close to that. The lie is that I’m gonna end up sick and dead.
  5. Now use statements of self-forgiveness to release that lie from your consciousness. Say: “I forgive myself for buying into the lie that… “ Keep saying and completing that sentence until you feel still and silent inside. World Example [Current Shelter Crisis]: I forgive myself for buying into the lie that I’m responsible and a part of the problem… Personal Example [Drink too much]: I forgive myself for buying into the lie that I’m weak and pathetic…
  6. Now experience the truth and allow yourself to experience greater okness, health, happiness and wealth in all areas of your life, even though you’re not perfect, and hte world’s not perfect either. Say: “AND The truth is that I am… “ Keep completing your truth until you feel Whole, Healthy and overflowing with Love. World Example [Current Shelter Crisis]: And the truth is that I’m doing a great job and being a part of positive change. Personal Example [Drink too much]: And the truth is that I’m doing my best, and am super healthy!
  7. Now in this more accepting and cooperative space – what action are you called to take?! Let yourself see what feels aligned and empowered. World Example [Current Shelter Crisis]: I’m going to go down to my local shelter this weekend and see what I can do to help. And I’m going to keep on just doing my best. Personal Example [Drink too much]: I’m going to allow myself to really enjoy having a glass of wine at dinner on Saturday night for Jane’s birthday! And I’m going to keep doing my best.
Basic Foundational Workout: Rewiring our doubts, beliefs and judgments is deep, divine work. Get familiar with the basic process. 🧶Clear Your Doubts & Fears [HEART OF TUESDAYS]

This Sounds Simple. Right?! But Takes a LifeTime to Master.

This technique will be a wonderful one to practice together in our LIVE Q&A Calls – so let me know if you have a question about this workout and if you’d like support with it.

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The world is NOT against us.

When we learn to stop being against the world around us, we can see more clearly, and have more energy for being a part of the positive evolution that’s happening!

This is DEEP stuff.

It was tough for me to let go of the idea that I can be OK even though my Mum died of cancer – but accepting that was a HUGE first step towards feeling close and connected to her again.

And it was tough for me to stop hating myself for overeating and throwing up – but accepting that I could still be OK and even love myself even while I had bulimia – was the turning point to healing it. And now 10 years later I can share without a doubt – if I had NOT learn to have kindness and compassion for myself – I would still be suffering with it.

It FEELS counter-intuitive. I know. I get it.

But just try it. And tell me how it goes ok!!!!!

We love you!
Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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