A Powerful Imagination 🪄

Unlock the power of your imagination and create a life filled with endless possibilities. Tap into your inner child and envision your best day ever! #Imagination #PowerWithin
A Powerful Imagination 🪄

Fenix’ PepTalk

Your Imagination is a Key to Your Power 🪄

Kids are happy because they dream, they imagine, they feel the unlimited potential of this life.

Those keys and moments are still open to you!

What do you want to imagine for your life?!

How can you imagine having the best day ever?!

Imagination for Adults: The Science-Backed Strategy for Visualization

As adults, we often forget the power of imagination. However, it is an essential tool that can be used to enhance our lives. One powerful way we can use our imagination as adults is by visualizing what we want more of.

In fact, if we took just a few moments, before beginning almost any task, project or goal, science tells us we would significantly increase our ability to create the kinds of outcomes we intend. By imagining ourselves achieving our outcomes, we are more likely to take the necessary steps to make them a reality. This visualization technique has been used by successful people in all walks of life, from athletes to business leaders.

The application here really is endless, and we’ll be diving in how to apply ‘Imagination for Adults’ in the guide today!

Let’s dive in!


Using Your Imagination to Create Positive Outcomes: A Step by Step Guide

So this practice is truly unlimited. The practice is incredibly simple, but the impact is far-reaching.

  1. Before you start ANYTHING…
  2. Take just a few moments to first close your eyes…
  3. Then imagine the best experience and or outcome possible for what you’re about to being…
  4. Including really feeling that positive experience as fully as you can, for at least a few breaths…
  5. And now begin.

Just so that you can start to groc how powerful and practical this can be, consider these applications:

  • Starting your day - imagine your whole day going better than ever
  • Meeting a loved one for a meal - imagine whatever connection you’d love to have
  • Before driving - imagine the whole trip going seamlessly, with peace and grace
  • Cooking something - imagine it being fun and tasting wonderful
  • Any project at work, no matter how big - before you start, imagine the outcome blowing your mind, and before each new phase, imagine the outcome again
  • Going on vacation, and even the beginning of each day on vacation - imagine how great you can handle everything going and feeling
  • A tricky conversation at work - imagine it going more smoothly and productively than ever
  • Date night - imagine whatever experience you’d love to have with your partner
  • Walking the dog - imagine you having fun, your dog behaving, and everything just recharging your battery
  • Before sleeping - imagine your sleep being so rejuvenative and powerful for feeling wonderfully enthusiastic the next morning
  • Ok… now it’s up to you…

From Dr. Zoë

Hi Loves!!!!

I use imagination as a tool with my 1on1 clients every day!

We can visualize the outcomes we want for our life, but we can also use our imagination as a way to bring the love, comfort and compassion into our inner child.

We can get that hug from a loved one that has passed.

We can hold all our pups that have crossed that rainbow bridge.

And we can fill ourselves with all the Love, support and appreciation we ALL NEED!

So try imagination for adults - you’ll be surprised!!!!

I love you. xoxoox


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