74% of people can’t answer ‘how do you feel?’ 😌

Avoiding emotions only makes them stronger, and in doing so, we lose the ability to fully experience life's highs and lows. Let's embrace the profound power of Really Feeling, allowing every emotion to teach us and enrich our journey.
74% of people can’t answer ‘how do you feel?’ 😌

The Sacred Power of Emotional Awareness

Learn how to FEEl and be FREE.

Today we’re gonna simply unpack, the profound power of Really Feeling.

Avoiding emotions can make us feel unhappy and even sick. If we push down significant feelings, they will eventually bounce back stronger. [1] [2]

When we try to numb the bad stuff, we end up numbing the good too because emotions can't be picked and chosen.

So whether we like it or not, emotions will come. But ignoring them can really hurt.

Let’s learn the profoundly life-changing skill of simply ‘Really Feeling’.

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1 minute for Emotional Awareness Today!

How do you feel? Answer in 3 word statements that start with: “I feel… ______________”

The #1 Way People Hold Themselves Back From Loving Life 👇

Is simply allowing themselves to feel. Really feel.

If you don’t feel the full range of emotions, you will not be able to feel the heights of really enjoying and loving your life. It’s that simple.

Let yourself be aware of how you numb, distract and avoid your emotions. It’s ok. We all do it sometimes. The power here is in discerning when it’s healthy and important to feel your emotions, rather than have a drink, watch TV, blame and complain, or one of the other hundred ways we avoid our emotions.

Here’s How to Be Healthy, Science Says

Expressing true emotions is vital for overall well-being. [1]

Writing down feelings or recording distressing events can aid in emotional regulation.

Facing avoided emotions may initially increase distress but leads to emotional stability, improved mental and physical health, and deeper self-understanding in the long run. [2]

International Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research states: ”In conclusion, it is clear that expressing one’s true emotions and the feeling is crucial to physical health, mental health, and general well being, while a reliance on concealment gives rise to a barrier to good health.” [1]

Sacred Emotional Awareness Workout

Expanding into Greater Emotional Awareness

  1. Call forward 5 big moments from the last year. Moments when it was challenging. When you had big feelings. Big, pivotal moments.
  2. How did you feel? Answer in ONLY 3 word statements that start with “I felt…” For example: I felt angry. I felt disappointed. I felt heart-broken.
  3. Spend a little time releasing any unresolved and / or unexpressed emotion that’s still present about those situations. Let yourself feel that emotion. Be welcoming, accepting and embracing of emotion. Receive it like a small child that just needs a big hug. Feel the emotion and hug yourself at the same time. You can do it. I know you can.
  4. You might be aware that your mind wants to make up things that Are NOT Feelings. Those thoughts are holding you back from Letting Go and Resolving the situation. For example: I felt like David was wrong. I felt like I shouldn’t have done that. I felt everyone was against me. Have the compassionate awareness to see that you use those thoughts to distract and deflect from what you’re feeling. Have the courage to feel, what you feel, and watch the situations in your life change for the better.
Pro Tip: Whenever something’s tough, START with an “I feel … statement” (Just 3 words! That’s it!) We often want to react, or blame, or complain, or fix, or solve. You can still do whatever you want to AFTER, but START by loving and embracing yourself by letting yourself feel whatever you feel. You’ll notice a shift in your ability to move forward and respond to the situation with greater balance, kindness and Self-Awareness.

Learn How to Rewire Your Patterns with Sacred Self-Healing

Learning to Love and Heal Yourself is no longer Woo Woo – it's backed by NeuroScience and Pscyhology.

Learn the Foundation for Self-Healing

Most People Have Low Emotional Awareness.

I work with clients one on one every day. And most people that I speak with start by having very little awareness about what it is they are feeling.

When they describe a tough situation, and I then ask them ‘how do you feel, inside, about this?’ they usually do NOT respond with an actual feeling, but with a thought.

And often those thoughts are projections of how they feel, onto others and the world around them.

If we CAN do the sacred loving work to learn how to own and allow our emotions, huge shifts take place.

We begin to see what we NEED to see our life clearly and not through our wounds.

We begin to give us the loving support that we NEED so that we can show up whole, and healthy and create wonderfully positive outcomes for ourselves.

It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. Hang in there, and keep hugging your emotions.

We Love You 😘 Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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