7-Step Self-Healing Miracles Training

The Allowing.Love™ 7-Step Self-Healing Process ❤️‍🩹

A One-Hour Video Training for Learning the 7-Step Guide for Self-Healing

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The Allowing.Love™ 7-Step Self Healing Process 1-Hour Video Training with Dr. Zoë & Eric Lumiere will support you in learning how to use your challenges and emotional disturbances for clearing, healing and growing.

Our world conditions and teaches us NOT to feel. But our feelings are the easiest and most powerful way to clear our karma and release the limiting patterns and conditions in our life.

Learning how to use this 7-step self-healing process will support you in using the emotional challenges in your life as the Universe intends… as the moments for you to clear what’s holding you back, and to access the clarity and courage you need to move forward on your heartfelt dreams.

Unleash Your Intuition - Access the clear information and courageous energy that is available following a spiritual-emotional healing. Move on your Soul-Led Dreams in big, brave and beautiful ways.
Upgrade Your SelfLove - Release patterns of unworthiness, smallness and self-sabotage. Understand, implement and master radical Self-Love through radical acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.
Experience Freedom - Learn to let go and allow our life to be exactly what it is, EVEN when it’s challenging and APPEARS to not be going ‘our’ way. Learn how to flow with life and feel free and happy.
Rewire Coping Mechanisms - Identify the Core Coping Mechanisms that are at the heart of your limiting patterns in life: the ways you play small, stuck, sabotage and separate yourself from what you truly want.

Are you being Called?

My heart 🫀 says Yes! but my head needs you to tell me more 🧠

"Self-Healing is the most natural process in the world, and yet we've been conditioned for years how NOT to feel, and how NOT to embrace our pain and challenge. But once we begin to accept, embrace and truly take advantage of our challenging moments in life, we begin to see miracles, magic and true spiritual manifestation."


What People Are Saying...

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People are falling in Love...

I can honestly say that I have found the love of my life. Oh My God he’s amazing. He’s perfect for me in every way. It’s crazy how you can have a vision of your dream, or your Soul mate, and it’s amazing how they CAN actually just walk into your life so easily. I recommend this to anyone who’s looking to fulfill their dreams and visions in a very relaxed, effortless and seamless way.

Rachel Macalisang

The 5 Steps training has been an anchor that holds me in a peaceful stillness as I navigate through life. Before this, I was experiencing life through experiences of lack, discord, and smallness. Within a year of doing the Allowing Love work, I began to feel my life shift in unimaginable ways. The key for me appeared when I began to feel my feelings. That key unlocked a door which led me to listen to my inner voice. Now, that inner voice is the GPS to all that I do. I am in a place in my life where I am so taken care of... I got engaged earlier this year too. I am so grateful to this work.

Linda Herrera | @hveelinda

Words cannot express how much my life has changed over 6 months. I found my man-friend. I am creating my own career around my gifts and what I love. And I’m happy. Happier than I thought was possible. I’m now enjoying 5-figure months and my work is now sought after by new galleries and collectors. Honestly I still have moments where I am blown away by how all this transpired.

Paige Stewart | Paige-Stewart.com

I have been doing the Allowing.Love™ 5 Steps every morning. I love them because they brought me my Soul mate. He’s amazing. I can't imagine now not starting my day by Allowing Love. Yes it's brought me what I wanted most - this incredible authentic partnership, but it's also brought me freedom, joy and peace in my career. I can't recommend it more highly.

Julia Franklin

People are Doing what they Love...

I was truly awed by the results from your “allowing love” program. I have received true miracles. Including healing my leg, creating my own business, and falling in love with my husband again.
Bea Young

Doing the free 5 step training supported me to move forward and move through fear that came up in my body. Using the process each day I was more able to be with the fear and rather than do an action to remove myself from it I was able through my commitment to my goal to stay with it, breathe with it until it moved on. I have been able to move forward and release fear in a new and powerful way. Using the 5 steps each day I was able to be with the fear and release it, and use the incremental steps to move forward, rather than stay stuck. I feel more ease, acceptance and greater confidence.
Maree Smith

In 6 months I was able to quit my full-time job to pursue my dream career. Now I run my own business as a filmmaker and photographer and I love it. Zoe’s approach is simple, profound and delivers! If you want to work on yourself and allow your dreams into the reality of your life, this is the program for you!
Lucia Doynel

I call this program ‘the uncoaching program’, because you don’t go after, hustle and follow your dreams hard! It’s more you soften, open and allow your dream to become present. So in a way you stop doing things, which doesn’t make sense… But in my experience it’s been even more powerful… a really phenomenal experience. In 6 months, I went from not even having an idea to having 3 staff, launching a website and an experience of real abundance.
Shannon Bindler

People are Doing what they Love...

"All these things are coming TO me...it's amazing"

"In only 10 minutes I'm able to manifest such clarity"

"Helped me find clarity...and trust my inner guidance"

"Great realizations and a profound experience."

7-Step Self-Healing Process is for you if:

• Your Heart is calling you to Fall in Love [Allow the One]
• You Heart is calling you to Share Your Art, Gifts, Work [Share My Love]
• Your Heart is calling you to Make a Living Doing What You Love [Live My Calling]
• You want to Enjoy Your Life a whole lot more [Adore My Life]
• You want to Release Fear and Anxiety [Don't We All?]

Allowing.Love™ Free Weekly Techniques and Tools will help you to:

• Clarify Your Dreams
• Access the Courage You Need
• Clear Your Blocks
• And Love Your Life!

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