A Radical Self-Kindness Adventure 🏔

Join us and learn how to live with greater kindness and compassion for yourself, to support you in showing up more for what matters to you! Don't have enough energy? Or follow through?! Let's see what love and kindness can do?
A Radical Self-Kindness Adventure 🏔

For the next 7 days (from July 27), you're welcome to join us on a Radical Self-Kindness Adventure.

I will be sharing for 30-minutes at 10am Pacific on Zoom. Inspiring and informing us as to why Self-Kindness and Self-Compassion might be the missing key to moving forward in your life in ways that truly matter to you.

Followed by time to curate your own 7-day experiment – so that you can see for yourself if the science is right? Does being kind, compassionate and supportive, actually help us change and do more?

The recording will be available here afterwards.

And so this is the rub [and many peoples' unconscious block to moving forward on what matters]...

We naturally think and feel we need to be hard and tough with ourself to change and improve.

The number 1 challenge I have from 1on1 clients when we first start working, is being kind, compassionate and forgiving of the ways we fall short in life.

Many of my clients initially express: "But how will I change and grow and do more, if I feel great and ok with where I'm at?"

We think that if we only went to the gym once this week, when we intended to go 4 times this week, that we need tough Love. That we need to be hard and push ourselves. Science now shows us this critical hard line does NOT work.

So we're going to see if when we fall down, when we experience 'NOT ENOUGH' in our life, what happens when we are kind and compassionate?!

When we start to change our perspective to: 'Actually it was ENOUGH! Given all that's going on in my life, inside and out, that was ENOUGH for today. I am ENOUGH.'  When we start to experience that kind of ENOUGHNESS, radically kind and supportive enoughness, we feel full and we have more energy, more creativity, more completion and just MORE.

So who's in?

Can't wait to see some of you on Zoom.
And for those of you that catch the recording, we're with you too!

I'll be sharing some updates on instagram too.

Huge love and hugs,

Join the 7Day Radical Self Kindness Adventure

Unleash more energy and follow through for what matters most

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