3 Keys to Love Like a Dog 🐩

Love unconditionally and experience true freedom and happiness. Learn how to release conditions on love and cultivate compassion and forgiveness. Explore the 3 keys to unconditioning love in this inspiring guide.
3 Keys to Love Like a Dog 🐩

Unconditioning Our Love

Embracing Love Unconditionally

“Love lifts us up where we belong.” 🦅

“All you need is Love.” 🕯

“Love is the key.” 🔑

“Your love is better than ice-cream.” 🍨

We love Love! We all want more of it. And we all need it to survive.

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1 minute for Connection Today!

Take 1 minute to set your intention: communicate with unconditional love through your eyes today. Whether you're speaking, passing by someone, or sharing a meal, remember, your eyes convey love and connection. So, be gentle, be kind, and let your eyes speak volumes of compassion.

Do we really know HOW to Love?!

One of the most significant factors that can impact our experience of love is the conditions that we place on it.

When we place conditions on our love, we limit its power and potential to heal, connect, and inspire us.

So, how can we uncondition our love? How can we cultivate a love that is more unconditional, compassionate, and forgiving?

How to Love Unconditionally, Says Dogs

Dogs are our masters when it comes to the art of unconditional love. They don't love us because of what we do for them or how we look; they love us simply because we exist in their lives.

To love unconditionally, according to our furry friends, means to love without expecting anything in return. It means being present, loyal, and accepting, regardless of circumstances or flaws.

Dogs teach us that love isn't about perfection; it's about showing up, being there through thick and thin, and embracing each other with open hearts.

Dogs wagging tails and eager eyes remind us that true love knows no bounds, and it's something we can all strive to embody in our relationships with both humans and animals alike.

3 Keys for Releasing Our Conditions on Love

This is no small undertaking. Learning how to truly release our conditions on love is grounded in how we’ve learned to protect and take care of ourselves when we haven’t been treated with the love we needed in the past. Be kind and patient with yourself on this adventure. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it.

  1. Practice Mindfulness. The first key is to begin to be more aware and mindful of when we close our hearts when something is painful or doesn’t go our way. For example maybe someone in the supermarket is rude to us. We might feel that anger or that pain, and feel our heart wanting to armor up and attack back. Simply being aware of when and how we armor up and withdrew our love is key. Whenever we feel some kind of negative emotion we know that we have a condition on love that has been triggered.
  2. Cultivate Compassion. The second key is to open to greater compassion and forgiveness. Consider that if we could see the hurts, pains and traumas that contributes to each of our behaviors, we WOULD have great compassion for each other. It’s true when they say ‘hurt people hurt people’. That’s not an excuse, but with greater compassion we can support each other in letting of past patterns to live in more positive and functional ways. If we struggle to have compassion for someone we know that one of our conditions on love has been triggered.
  3. Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness. As we grow in our ability to have compassion for others, and to be mindful enough to see that they are taking their own hurts and pains out on others, we awaken to the profound gift of Forgiveness. When we forgive someone, we are actively releasing a condition on our Love.
  4. Putting the 3 Keys Together. If someone doesn’t invite me to their birthday party, first, can I slow down enough to see that ‘Ouch! That hurt, and my reaction is some form of closing down and armoring up’. Can I take responsibility for having a condition on my loving. Second, can I move from closing down to compassion. Can I just be open, to the idea, that I don’t know exactly why or how I wasn’t invited. And no matter what the reason, it does NOT mean what I’m taking it to mean. And finally can I forgive them? Can I remember that I’ve often forgotten people, or made stupid decisions, or been selfish, or not been respectful?! Life’s tough, and complicated. And now I have a choice about who I am? Will I be loving and forgiving, or not? I can close down my heart, therefore decreasing my experience of Love in this world. Or I can choose to love anyway, expansing and increasing my ability to love, to connect and to enjoy this life.
Pro Tip: Yep this is a much larger topic than can be covered here. There are often deep and unconscious coping mechanisms that contribute to why and how we close our hearts and armor up. But these 3 keys can help us move in a positive direction.

It’s so cheesey 🧀 but Love does lift us up and love is the answer.

It’s not easy. Cause it’s hard to keep loving when life can be cruel and chaotic. But it is the path to freedom and happiness.

Thanks so much for sharing the adventure with us.

We love you… unconditionally oxoxoxo.

Fenix and Zoe oxox

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