The 2 Inner Experiences Needed to Rewire the Brain πŸ’­

Join us for another LIVE Meditation for Rewiring Neurologically at 10am on Thursday! That's pacific time. Or watch last week's below. Let's learn the skills for changing our beliefs, thoughts and patterns together.
The 2 Inner Experiences Needed to Rewire the Brain πŸ’­

Relational Neuroscience, also referred to as Interpersonal Neurobiology, is changing the way that mainstream Psychology looks at trauma, healing and health.

However, what is being discovered in this interdisciplinary study of brain science, is what we have experienced for years in Spiritual Psychology.

My Professors Drs Ron and Mary Hulnick often shared...

Healing is the application of Loving, to the places that hurt.

Until now, this has been too warm and fuzzy, too simple, just too woo-woo for many to truly get on board with the simple truth that: It Is Love that Heals.

Every Disney movie gets it, hey we all get it. We all see it. Feel it. And use and live by it. We know it's Love that we need, Love that heals, and Love that is the miraculous and magical agent for change and transformation on this planet. Right?!

But how do we use Love to Heal?

And how do we even love ourselves?

So recent research in neuroscience is helping us in grounding into practically the pieces that we do need to rewire from the old patterns that hold us back, and keep us stuck, to the healthy and expansive patterns for growth and abundance.

Psychology used to think that 'Correction' was what the brain needed to change. We are now discovering that it is 'Compassion' that is the energy that the brain needs to start to actually begin to change the neural pathways in our brain.

I'm going to lead another 20-minute meditation today at 10am Pacific, guiding us through the 2 main inner experiences that we need to begin to change our neural pathways for health on all levels. Join me here. It's free and for everyone.

We'll spend 20 minutes together, experiencing how we can use Love and Compassion for ourselves, to begin to rewire our brain for greater health on all levels.

And if you can't join us Live today, enjoy the meditation we did together last week.

Watch Meditation

Meditation for Rewiring Neurologically

Play Meditation via YouTube

I love you. Thanks for being here xooxox.

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Dr. ZoΓ« Lumiere

Dr. ZoΓ« Lumiere

ZoΓ« supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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