Welcome! We Start Tomorrow! 3 Things You Can Do Now!

Confirmation details for the 17Day Sacred Morning Practice Program!
Welcome! We Start Tomorrow! 3 Things You Can Do Now!

If you're receiving this email you're successfully signed up for the 17Day Sacred Morning Practice with Zoรซ that starts tomorrow.

1. Watch the Welcome Video if you haven't already here:
Just 7 minutes. It will guide you through all you need to know.

3. Mark Your Calendars Now: January 17 โ€“ February 2, 2024
Or create whatever reminders you need to follow through in a way that you would LOVE to!

You have 3 ways you can participateโ€ฆ and you can pick and choose different ways for different days.

1. Join LIVE via Zoom at 7am PT

The session will be just 17 minutes, followed by time for community sharing as requested. The link for the Zoom calls will be in each email every day, and will be on the 17day-home link.

The Zoom call link for every day's call is: http://bit.ly/zoeszoom

2. Watch the Recording available from 10am PT 

The session recording will be available from 10am that day until 10am the following day. The recordings will be available at the 17day-home link.

3. Read the Emails and participate in your own time

The transcript will be available from 10am that day. The transcripts will be available at the 17day-home link.

We'll be going through Set-Up tomorrow, but I can give you the heads up that we will be writing awarenesses and next steps down through this program. So please have pen and paper with you.

I have a journal that is JUST for my Sacred Morning Practice. I will be sharing more about that. And so if you have a journal that you'd like to use โ€“ please bring it!

I'm so excited to dive in!
I love you.

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Dr. Zoรซ Lumiere

Dr. Zoรซ Lumiere

Zoรซ supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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