How to Turn 1 minute a day, into 27% more energy ✨

Turn 1 minute into boundless energy, clarity, and courage. Discover the power of emotionalizing your deepest wish. Feel the frequency within you. #EnergyBoost #SelfEmpowerment
How to Turn 1 minute a day, into 27% more energy ✨
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I’m so grateful to have YOU to write to. It continues to call me into these practices that truly do fuel my days with more Courage, more Clarity, and more Consistent Action for living my calling.

And we’ll be sharing one of the most powerful practices that I do every week: we now call it Monday Morning Magic. Everyone is invited. Join us at 9:30am Pacific the call here.

How to turn 1 minute into at least 27% more energy, clarity and courage for WHAT matters to you.

And yep, it takes me often more minutes to prepare so I can experience this 1 minute this way. But this profound method takes about 1 minute.

It is so simple, and that’s why I think it’s lost on most people.

But I’m going to break it down, and hold your hand and walk you through it right now, so you can not just read about it but do it right NOW and feel the power and difference it makes.


  1. Ask yourself, if a Genie appeared in front of you right now, and could grant you 1 wish: what would you ask for? If your answer is world peace, or one billion dollars, it doesn’t matter. Some days my answer is world peace. And some days my answer IS one billion dollars. The only important thing here is that you be honest. Be authentic in THIS moment.
  2. Now emotionalize your answer. Which means to imagine or visualize you having your 1 wish: but most importantly feel the emotions. Feel how you ‘would’ feel as completely as you can. And you might need to use some visualizing, some imagining to activate the emotions and that complete inner experience, but once you’re feeling it, let go of the visuals and focus 100% on the emotion: the frequency. Let go of the visual in the outside world and live 100% in the frequency in your inner world.
  3. Do your best to give this frequency a word, a few words, or a phrase. Yep these words will dramatically fall short of adequately describing this profound experience, but do your best. Choose the word or words that come closest.

1 minute Experience:

  1. Ok now here’s the 1 minute that will change your day significantly. For me it is AT LEAST a 27% difference 😉 Feel this frequency for 1 minute. Yep your mind might wander. Just continue to come back to focusing on feeling this frequency as fully as you can.

That’s it.

The more we do this, the more powerful this becomes.

As a reference point for knowing if you’re doing this fully:

  • Were you smiling ear to ear? Or even tearing up with joy? Because if you really got your 1 wish, or using our examples: world peace, or 1 billion dollars…let me tell you: Your mouth would be smiling and your eyes would be welling.
  • Did your shoulders drop by 1 inch or more. Because if you COULD experience your 1 wish: you would feel so at peace and relaxed in your body that all of your muscles would let go of whatever they’re holding and you would find every muscle softening.
  • Do you feel more energy in your body? More clarity or sharpness in your mind? In essence do you FEEL like your battery is at 💯.

Just like our physical muscles, we always have room to grow.

If this is your first time doing something like this, your muscles will be weak. They need practice.

I do this every day. Well, most days.

This experience is Step 2 of our Allowing.Love™ meditation. You can learn all 5 steps here.

I hope this is profoundly helpful…

This one simple experience HAS changed my ability to show up fueled and charged with our Life Force: that one energy that is always available!

I love you. Zoë

☕ Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Join Us For Monday Morning Magic LIVE! We'll guide you through a process designed to give you a clear intention, your most important next steps, and all the energy, enthusiasm and love you need to have the best week ever.
  2. Practice the Allowing.Love™ 5 Steps! It’s a free training. Learn how to live your calling and clear your daily challenges with clear intuition and much more self-compassion.
  3. Work with me in 1on1: I have current availability for one new client. Chat with me here
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