No Call Today ❀️‍πŸ”₯Β NEW Space Soon 🏑

Exciting news! Our new Retreat Space in Ojai is ready to welcome you. Join us for transformative experiences and heartfelt connections. #Retreats #OjaiLove ❀️‍πŸ”₯

Hi family,

As many of you know, Eric and I moved into our new home in Ojai in July. Since then, we have been dedicating our love, time, and energy to transform this beautiful home and garden into an intimate Retreat Space for hosting events and workshops.

Today, we had the opportunity to add some final touches to this incredibly stunning space. It has been quite a journey. Moving is always a lot of work, and we have truly fallen in love with Ojai and our new space. We feel called to share its beauty with others.

While we enjoy connecting with our worldwide family online, we are especially thrilled to invite our community from the Southern California area to join us for retreats in Ojai. We can't wait to start sharing more in-person experiences soon.

Due to these exciting developments, there will not be a Rewiring back to Love session today. However, we look forward to sharing with you next Monday and Thursday!

Sending love to all of you.

ZoΓ«, Eric, and Fenix

P.S. I heard this in an online seminar today while working on the house.

β€œIf you’re not allowing your feelings, you’re creating dis-ease in your body.”

So if you’d love to know how to allow your feelings, for healing, health and rewiring, we recommend the following process:

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Dr. ZoΓ« Lumiere

Dr. ZoΓ« Lumiere

ZoΓ« supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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