New Name! Monday Morning Magic 🪐

Discover the magic of Monday mornings with a loving community focused on self-courage and growth. Let go of control and embrace imperfection to create the life you want. Join us for Monday Morning Magic! ✨🌟
New Name! Monday Morning Magic 🪐

We’ve had some truly incredible Monday calls over the last few weeks.

It truly is magic, when loving people get together with a Clear Intention to Love, to Heal and to Enjoy this Life fully.

During recent calls, we asked you, our family, for a new name – and this is what YOU have come up with! Monday Morning Magic 🪐

These weekly, open Monday Morning Calls can support you with greater:

• Direction (specific intentions and next steps for moving forward)
• Energy & Courage (a full battery of energy AND trust in yourself)
• Healing (dissolving blocks to love, clarity, and expansion)

And the added BONUS of these calls IS community. Kind, compassionate and wildly supportive human beings.

These calls are completely free, meaning there is no payment necessary. However, we also want to offer you an opportunity to contribute and support our work through a donation. We invite those who join the call to make a donation via this link. We suggest a donation of $5 to $30, but please feel free to donate any amount that feels good and doable to you. Your support is greatly appreciated!

We're really just so grateful to have such a  community.

Event page for new people:

We Love You.

Zoë, Eric, Fenix

More on Self-Courage, over Self-Confidence

We have received such incredible feedback for 'Self-Courage over Self-Confidence'.

Do you relate too?

Have you also learned that you'll probably NEVER:

  • have complete control over life 🤷‍♀️
  • have everything figured out 🤔
  • know exactly what you're doing 😬 🤣 😁

Our limiting patterns often revolve around the desire to FEEL perfect, safe, and in control before taking action.

However, our inner power of Love and Light directs us to focus on where LOVE is guiding us NOW. How are we being called to move at this moment? As we are, beautifully imperfect. Miraculously okay in every single moment.

Embracing vulnerability allows us to live authentically and courageously, without the need for constant confidence-seeking.

It’s ok to feel like a mess, and move forward.

It’s ok to not have it all figured out.

This is the change I talked about in our Rewiring Back to Love call last Thursday. Watch the recording if you want to learn more.

But the main point is that we have all learned to pursue 'feeling confident' because it helps us feel in control.

And so, if we want to live greater Courage and Authenticity, we have to accept feeling out of control. We have to learn how to let go, and how to have more love, time and space for our feelings, fears and flaws!

The contradiction here is that the more we relax and let go of control, the more we actually SHOW UP the outcome that matters most to us.

When we’re tense, tight and trying to control the f#$& out of everything, we have limited energy, intuition and output.

The more we surrender, the more freedom, joy, and energy we have to participate.

So how do we do that?!

How do we let go of holding life so tightly? So we can create more of what we actually want?!

The incredibly simple and powerful format we use in Allowing.Love™ is to allow your human fears and feelings, to show you the energy of loving and support that you need.

We embrace our vulnerable fears and feelings.

We know that allowing and embracing our vulnerability is the key to connection, innovation and OUR COURAGE!

Monday Morning Magic gives you a weekly does of Self-Courage

Join us for a 30-minute exercise. You can do it on your own. Or be partnered with someone else.

You’ll allow your human to ask for what it needs to know, so that your Big, Bright, Bold, Beautiful Light can be what shines the path forward for you this week.

You’ll then ground your inner knowing into One Clear Intention and Simple Next Steps for this week.

Yep. It is magic.

So if you’re game, join us on Monday Mornings at 9:30am Pacific – at our new link!

We also have time for sharing and community support after the 30-minute exercise. So if you are looking for more kind and compassionate support in your life, we’re here for you.

And we love you. Zoë, Eric and Fenix xooxox

☕ Whenever you're ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Join Us For Monday Morning Magic LIVE! We'll guide you through a process designed to give you a clear intention, your most important next steps, and all the energy, enthusiasm and love you need to have the best week ever.
  2. Do the 5-Step Spiritual Manifestation Meditation! Start your day in Self-Courage and the clear inner guidance that comes from the power of Love within.
  3. Work with me in 1on1: I am taking on 2 new clients in November. Waitlist here by scheduling a phone chat with Zoë.
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Dr. Zoë Lumiere

Zoë supports human beings in rewiring: clearing the unconscious blocks holding them back from loving themselves and adoring their lives.

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