Clearing Unconscious Blocks 🧱

Clearing unconscious blocks is like unlocking hidden doors within ourselves. By breaking through these barriers, we liberate our potential and pave the way for personal growth.
Clearing Unconscious Blocks 🧱

Let’s Get More Conscious About How We’re Creating Our Life

A Key for Clearing Unconscious Blocks

Whenever we notice that we’re tired, or all of a sudden our energy drops, we can do this technique.

I do this every morning as a part of my Conscious Manifestation process. It’s the 4th Step in The 5-Steps for Spiritual Manifestation

And I do this whenever I notice all of a sudden my energy, my mood, my action just drops.

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What’s One Thing You Judge Yourself For?! Forgive yourself. Say: “I forgive myself for buying into the lie that… “

Judging is the Number 1 Thing Holding us All Back

And it holds us back the most because MOST of it’s unconscious. [1]

We often don’t notice that our self-talk and our self-energy has become critical and cruel until: • We notice we’re tired and all of a sudden have no energy • We feel low or down and we don’t know why • We just feel off, out of balance, for seemingly no reason

Learning how to notice how our energy shifts can help us catch these unconscious judgments to clear them!

Humans judge. We can be judgey. We’re designed to be critical and cruel – it’s a coping mechanism. Let’s be kind and compassionate with ourselves as we be more aware and learn to release the ways we judge. Ok!

Forgiveness Clears the Slate

If we want to let go of the ways we hold ourselves back, we need to learn how to forgive ourselves more effectively.

Judging ourselves: • drains our energy • diminishes our self-belief, self-confidence, self-courage • holds us back from taking action and moving forward • and holds us to our past, not allowing ourselves to rewrite and create the most wonderful future for ourselves

If you want to let go of a pattern – forgive yourself for it. Forgive yourself for every time you’ve ever done that pattern. It was created as a coping mechanism to protect you – so forgive it and forgive you so you can let it go.

Your Inner-Acceptance Workout 💪 

Powerful Change by Letting Go of Resistance

Your Self-Belief Workout 💪

Clearing Self-Judgment and Blocks from the Past

  1. Choose one thing you have judged yourself for. It can be a pattern like being less patient to a loved one. Or an addiction like smoking. Or something specific that happened recently.
  2. First, let yourself get all blamey, complainey and judgey. Let yourself just write from the part of you that judges. Let that energy be felt and expressed as you write: It might sound something like: You need to be better. You’re not doing enough…
  3. Now ask your judgment: how are you trying to serve, help or protect me? Let yourself write. It can be hard to find, but let yourself see that this judgment IS just trying to help you be good, right or lovable.
  4. Now thank your judgment – but let it know that it’s actually taking your energy, making you feel not great about yourself – and it’s actually counter-intuitive. It might sound something like: Thank you for trying to help / serve / protect me – but you’re actually NOT helping AT ALL. I get now that you’ve been trying to help me, but it’s having the opposite effect. Thanks for your good intention, but it’s time for me to let you go.
  5. Now forgive yourself using these 3 statements, Say them out-loud ideally:

I forgive myself for buying into the misbelief that…

…I’m a terrible person for being so impatient.

…I’m a loser because I can’t quit smoking.

…I’m a bad person for doing…

I forgive myself for buying into the lie that…

…I’m a bad mother if I’m impatient.

…I’m weak and pathetic if I have challenges quitting smoking.

…I’m not a good friend if…

I forgive myself for judging myself as…

…mean. …pathetic. …unlovable.

Pro Tip: Do this whenever your energy or mood drops. Just start saying self-forgiveness statements. It can be helpful if you DON’T think too hard first. Just start saying ‘I forgive myself for judging myself as…’ It can be wild to see what UNCONSCIOUSLY comes to mind 🤯

This Sounds Simple. Right?! But Takes a LifeTime to Master.

This technique will be a wonderful one to practice together in our LIVE Q&A Calls – so let me know if you have a question about this workout and if you’d like support with it.

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Self-Forgiveness Saved My Life

I was stuck in negative and self-destructive patterns of an eating disorder, drug and alcohol addiction.

There was pain inside that I didn’t have the love and support to deal with – so I ate and drank and partied so I didn’t need to feel and deal.

As I started to grieve, I began to see that I was in so much pain because of how I was hurting myself with judgments from my past. And MOST of those judgments weren’t my fault.

I was judging myself as dirty, and wrong, and tainted, because I was sexually abused.

I was judging myself for not saving my mum from dying from cancer.

I was judging myself for so many ways I’ve fallen down and not been better.

The key is in starting to awaken to the truth that: It is NOT our fault how we fall down in life. If we were shown and supported and strengthened sufficiently to do better – we WOULD have.

So let yourself off the hook. Forgive yourself with compassion and kindness.

Clear the slate. Rewrite your brave and beautiful new ending.

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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