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Stop Living in Your Head. It's Exhausting.

Learn How to Live Vulnerably, and Courageously, From Your Heart

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Heart Over Head

Wherever you turn these days, the advice is some form of 'Mindset'.

Money Mindset. Growth Mindset. Positive Mindset.

But what if our power and our energy ⛽ ...
Our clarity, intuition and instinct 🧭 ...
And our courage and consistent action 🤸‍♀️ ...
... Is NOT best accessed through the Mind or Mindset?!

And that the reason we're so tired, exhausted, stressed and addicted...
is because we've forgotten to live in our Heart?

Don't get us wrong. The mind is a profound servant. And we need it!
But it's become too much a focus, and it should NOT be in the Driver's Seat of our life.

It's our Big, Brave, Bold, Beautiful Heart that we need to connect with more.

It's our Intuition and Instinct that's nudging us to slow down and feel, so we can let go of not's working, and truly rewire and reconnect to what matters most.

And it's our Fears and Feelings that are begging us to stop numbing and armoring we can feel, heal and release the pain and the patterning of the past.

This is no ordinary Newsletter.
This is a Wild F*@ken Adventure.

It's grounded in leading edge Relational NeuroScience.
And it's for those willing to breakdown... so they can breakthrough.

Why Should I?

My Inbox is Already Out of Control 🤪

Why Should You Sign Up?

Great question. There is so much wonderful information and inspiration out there. And our email inboxes are already overflowing and overwhelming.

While we would never 'Should' on you, we will encourage you to check us out if this sounds like you...

If you kick yourself when you're down sometimes, and are honest enough to admit it (because if you're a human being, you kick yourself when you're down sometimes)
If you find it hard to know what to do when you're sad, or angry, or overwhelmed, or have anxiety, or just feel empty, but you KNOW that Love and compassion are the way, and you just want a little help in those really tough moments
If you are called into Big, Brave, Bold and Beautiful experiences for your life, but you hold back...for so many reasons
If you know that a closer relationship to your Life Force, to Love, will support you in creating more of the life you want
If you would love to be connected with more kind, supportive, compassionate people grounded in human vulnerability... not just lots of people being overly positive and denying the fact that life feels tough... a lot!

If you deeply resonate with any one of the above sentiments, you might find great value and support for your own path through life in The Allowing.Love™ Newsletter.

What Do I Get?

What do I actually receive in Each Newsletter 🤔

I'm Ready.

World-Class Holistic Life-Coaching

The FREE Allowing.Love™ Newsletter is a beautiful email once a week, that gives you One World-Class Holistic Life-Coaching Strategy that will support you in Loving Your Self, and Your Life.

All of the strategies shared support you in creating and curating your own Unique and Personalized habits.

You'll be encouraged to take what works for you and make it your own: to play and experiment with the information in service to your own experience.

Created by Dr. Zoë Lumiere

with so much gratitude and kudos to my husband Eric, my Spiritual Teachers and Community, and my now thousands of clients all around the world 🌏

Learn More About Dr. Zoë

It Takes a Village

The Allowing.Love™ approach was created by Dr. Zoë Lumiere incrementally and organically over the last 10 years, and released officially on her Mum's birthday in 2017, to honor her 20-year passing into Spirit.

Zoë's twenty plus years of study, including her Doctorate in Spiritual Science and Masters in Spiritual Psychology, initially formed the foundation for this work. And while she does include Scientific References for all newsletters, the strategies shared by Zoë now are born from her own healing and manifestation experiences, and that of her now thousands of clients.

Zoë's work is in deep gratitude to her Spiritual Teacher Dr. John-Roger, who she worked and traveled the world with, for 10 years. And also to Professors Drs. Mary and Ron Hulnick of the University of Santa Monica, for their guidance and inspiration.

But mostly Zoë shows up for this work fueled by the loving support of her family: her husband Eric and her husky Fenix.

Supported by Scientific Research

In NeuroScience, Psychology and Quantum Physics 🧬

The Science You Need

Each Allowing.Love™ Newsletter includes scientific studies or academic articles to support you in convincing your head, that your heart really does know the way.

These references offer further reading and research for you to dive into, in service to your own path and practice.

The areas of research most pertinent we include are:
• NeuroScience & Brain Plasticity
• Psychology (Humanistic & Jungian)
• The Science of Self-Compassion & Mindfulness
• Quantum Physics & Heart Coherence
• Spiritual Psychology & Self-Forgiveness
• The Evolution from Mindset to 'Heartset'

And we love and reference, among many others:
• Dr. Brené Brown and her work on Vulnerability, Courage and Authenticity
• Dr. Gabor Maté and his work on Trauma, Healing and Addiction
• Pema Chödrön and her work on Compassion
• Eckhart Tolle and his work on Mindfulness, Being and Manifestation
• Dr. Kristin Neff and her work on Self-Compassion
• Dr. Joe Dispenza and his work on Quantum Theory and Manifestation
• Tara Brach and her work on Healing and Compassion
• Michael Singer and his work on Healing and Manifestation
• Dr. Alain Herriott and his work on Feeling and Healing

All Strategies Support 3 Main Habits

Our Strategies are Designed to Support You Live Your Calling [Dharma] and Clear Your Blocks [Karma] 

The Allowing.Love™ Habits

The 3 Habits

Habit 1 – Being With You: Time with yourself, with your Spirit, within. Yep it can look like meditation, but it's much more than that. It's much more about spending time in Love.

Habit 2 – Live Your Calling [Dharma]: Clarifying What You [Heart and Soul] Want, and then Accessing the Courage, Energy and Consistent Action to lean in and continue to allow your Heart and Soul to guide you forward.

Habit 3 – Clear Your Blocks [Karma]: Relax, Release and Dissolve the Judgments, Beliefs and Patterns holding you out of naturally Living More of What Your Heart and Soul Wants.

Each Newsletter gives you a specific strategy and guides you in how it relates to incorporating it into one or more of the Key 3 Habits above.

Over Time, You Can Expect Great Love

And Joy, and Intimacy, and Abundance, and more... 

Ok. I'm in.

This Is What You Can Expect

If you truly pick up these strategies, with curiosity and care, you will experience great expansion and positive shifts in your patterns, beliefs and behavior over time.

It cannot be stressed enough, that none of what is shared by Allowing.Love™ is a quick fix. This deep and transformative holistic life-coaching works like a flower grows.

In some ways, it grows so slowly, that you will never ever see a flower change or grow. And yet they evolve so dynamically, powerfully and effortlessly.

This is the kind of growth we are here for: incremental, gradual, organic change.

Large shifts in our life can be wonderful to anchor a new perspective or paradigm, but we often notice that our behaviors and habits soon snap back if we change too quickly. Rather focusing on simple incremental habits every day enables us to make massive shifts year to year.

While we can't make any promises about what changes will take place in your life, I can guarantee you that if you show up and put a little time and loving care into applying these strategies into your life, you will have more Love in your life. Firstly more Love for yourself. Which is the precursor to more Love, Abundance, Connection, Success and Joy in all areas of your life.

We Love You.
The Allowing.Love™ Team:
Dr. Zoë, Eric and Fenix Lumiere

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We truly do believe that this work can make the world a happier place.

Love YourSelf. Love Your Life.

Spiritual Life Coaching with Zoë, Eric and Fenix Lumiere

Love YourSelf. Love Your Life.

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