This is Alarming πŸ“±

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This is Alarming πŸ“±
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Alarms are cortisol triggers, raising blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover, phone alarms are accompanied by the stressful blue light.

If you wake up to an alarm, it means that you are waking up earlier than you need to feel rested and mess up your internal clock.

Using alarm clocks regularly can cause sleep anxiety in some individuals. They may start waking up frequently at night to check the time due to fear of oversleeping, leading to further sleep disruption and decreased overall rest quality.

If You Can…

It would be awesome if you could wake up naturally to the sound of birds chirping through your open window.

The second best way for your waking up is an analog or a simple digital clock.

But whatever the β€˜alarm’ is – make sure it’s soothing and harmonious for you to hear. Waking up with your cortisol being triggered can imprint on your nervous system and affect you all day.

Read this review of better phone alarms if you really need one.

A Sacred Morning Set-Up 🌞

8 Tips for Waking Up More Gracefully

To wake up without an alarm clock, you can adjust your routine to improve sleep quality. By following these tips, you can wake up feeling refreshed without needing an alarm clock.

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