The Science of Hugging. And How it Can Save the World 🌎

Discover the Power of Hugs Uncover the science-backed benefits of hugging and learn how to make your hugs truly meaningful. Boost your well-being, reduce stress, and deepen connections through the transformative act of hugging. Spread love and joy with every embrace. #HugWithIntention 🤗
The Science of Hugging. And How it Can Save the World 🌎

It's Time to Connect and Receive More Support.

It's Love Yo'Self o'clock with Dr Zoë & Fenix

The World Needs Saving. And Hugs Are Our Plan.

Humans have an inherent need for connection deeply rooted in biology, that goes beyond what we might assume.

Hugging offers psychological and physiological benefits. And is used as a therapeutic tool for conditions like anxiety, depression and PTSD. [1]

So how can we allow authentic hugs, to lift the planet into a greater consciousness of love and harmony?!

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1 minute for More Connection!

How Can You Connect with Your Family Just 7% More Today? Can You Hug 7 People Today? Trust Yourself and Connect and Hug just a little more Today.

Does This Common Misunderstanding Also Hold You Back?!

We often see kindness, or softness and sweetness… as weakness.

The first person to reach out and offer their love… can be misinterpreted as being weak.

I quote this a lot… but Brené Brown has shown us with her research that Vulnerability is the Greatest Measurement of Courage that we have.

So the next time your heart wants to be soft and offer a hug, remember how courageous (not weak) that is.

Are You a Hugger?! Just contemplate… why do you hug? Let yourself see what a sign of Strength and Self-Assurance it is.

Hug More, Says Science

Hugs are proven to enhance overall well-being through emotional connection and neuro-chemical releases.

The Psychological benefits of hugging include the release of oxytocin for bonding, stress reduction, mood elevation, increased self-esteem, and strengthened relationships.

And the physiological benefits involve improved heart health, immune modulation, and pain alleviation. [1]

Regular hugs can lower blood pressure, boost immunity, and lessen the need for pain relief medication. When we hug and gently stroke our loved ones, we trigger the release of endorphins, creating a natural pain-relieving effect similar to opiates 🤯

Your Greater Connection Workout

Increase Your Health & Happiness with Hugs

  1. So the real workout here, is learning how to let those hugs IN to your energy field, your heart and your healing. So first just be aware, when do you hug, but kinda resist and close down. We all do it. Just be aware who and when do you really not enjoy hugs…Great job.
  2. Now, who’s the safest and best person for you to hug? Can you remember, and even authentically feel what it feels like – to both be held, and to hold, this person? How would you describe that inner experience.
  3. Now be aware, that even with this best and safest person – do you sometimes NOT let that hug in?! Either you’re distracted, or in a rush, or any number of things. But just be aware of the ways you sometimes hold back from really feeling held, loved and connected.
  4. Ok finally, who are you going to hug today? And the simple experiment is, to let the Love in. To feel that connection as deeply and authentically as you can.

We Go Further…Together. We Need Loving Community to Thrive

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I'm a Hugger. I like to Hug.

But I do want to sign off here and say it’s also so ok NOT to hug, and to pick and choose when you want to hug.

This is especially important with children. Knowing that it’s ok for them not to hug, and they can choose when and how they want to hug is empowering and builds the inner resource we need to feel safe and connected with our world.

Like most things in life, the power in something is in being present. Rather than doing it on autopilot, or thinking about something else, or trying to rush to the next moment… Can we just be present and enjoy a hug today?!

I’m gonna give Fenix a hug from each of you xoxoooooo

We love you! Dr. Zoë and Fenix xoxoox

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