The Divine Unknowing

Today we dive into surrendering control and accepting uncertainty. The power of releasing the need to know, allows the Spirit within to reveal itself. Relinquishing control and allowing God requires calmness and patience for a more fulfilling life, free from the limitations of our human ego.
The Divine Unknowing

Over the last 2 Mondays, we have discussed the four keys for intuition, which are S.O.U.L [Still, Open, Unknowing, Loving].

We began with Stillness. You can read that here:

We then delved deeply into openness. Read here:

And today, in our third week, we’re going to dive into Unknowing.

Use this module as a guide to obtain accurate information from within yourself.

Allow your focus to extend beyond getting specific answers to the questions or challenges in your life. Perhaps consider living an aligned, intuitive life, allowing Spirit to move, speak, and manifest through you.

Unknowing: Allowing the Movement of Spirit

Letting Go of Control

"I am letting go of control: of needing to know"

To receive the intuition we seek, we must focus on one thing: letting go of control. Control is always ego control.

As Caroline Myss said, "Just let go. Let go of how you thought your life should be, and embrace the life that is trying to work its way into your consciousness."

Who we truly are is Love, Spirit, a spark of Source energy. When we can let go of control from ego, this energy will manifest the greatest Love and success imaginable.

Our job is not to know what's going on, honestly. It's to continually let go of thinking that we know, and allow the Spirit within to manifest for us. This is not an easy job because the ego's number one addiction is control. The ego is addicted to controlling, forcing, and pushing what's going on, just so it can experience knowing what's going on.

Allowing the Divine Unknowing

"I am allowing myself to embrace uncertainty"

According to my spiritual teacher, John-Roger, letting go and letting God requires relaxation and patience. Letting go means relaxing, while letting God requires patience. What if the best way to achieve the greatest dreams of love and success is to let go and let God? What if our lives could be more than just okay? What if they could be the best, highest, and greatest if we could get our limited human ego out of the way?

This has been my truth so far, and I have seen many clients who have let go of their pushy, ego-driven patterns experience big magic following. I whole-heartedly believe that Spirit can manifest a better life than our ego can.

So, relax, be patient, and do your best to get comfortable with not knowing what's going on.

Embracing the Divine Unknowing

"I am accepting that the Spirit knows, and so I don’t have to"

The spiritual reality is that Spirit is in control and desires the greatest love and success for us. This is not in terms of the physical world, but rather in terms of our greatest experience of love and fulfillment within ourselves. Spirit is only supporting us to awaken and expand into what we truly want. However, because the ego cannot perceive spiritually, it believes it needs to be in control and force outcomes in the physical world to attain happiness.

We have a choice.

We can either hold on and force things in our lives to maintain a sense of control and predictability, or we can let go and give control to Spirit. Over time, we can learn to appreciate the feeling of not knowing what is around the corner.

Learning to Expand with the Divine Unknowing

"I am accepting that I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know it will be for me"

To expand into the kind of intuition that leads us most easily and effectively, we must learn to trust Spirit and give up our need for control in life. This can be scary, but spending more time with Spirit can help.

Just as spending quality time with someone can help us learn to trust and open up more in relationships, the same is true for our relationship with Spirit. The quality of trust and intimacy that we have with Spirit largely defines the quality of intuition we will receive.

Learning to Heal in the Divine Unknowing

"I am open to renewed trust and being taken care of"

People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar. - THICH NHAT HANH

Have you ever wondered how you would react if God Almighty appeared before you and guaranteed the fulfillment of your biggest and wildest dreams? Would you relax and enjoy the present moment?

The energy of complete trust, relaxation, and enjoyment is not only healing and loving, but it's also creative. If we trust the Spirit and get out of our own way, we can manifest what we want and heal from the disappointments of the past.

Allowing the Ups and Downs of Unknowing

"I am allowing myself to trust and flow with the ups and the downs."

Spiritual progression is cyclical. It does not move forward in a straight line, but rather undulates, going up and down.

"How can my Soul be still when I am whirling in stillness?" - RUMI

Although the overall progression over time is that we are lifted and become better than when we started, our journey will be filled with both ups and downs.

It is important to embrace the highs and victories when we experience them.

It is also important to allow ourselves to face the challenges, because they are truly just as beneficial for our growth as the highs.

Learning to intuitively determine whether we need to LIFT or DROP in a situation can be one of the most powerful aspects of learning to allow the love and success we desire.

When our spirit calls us to LIFT, we rise into the clear source energy and allow ourselves to be guided forward.

When our humanity is challenged and calls us to DROP, we love, embrace, and heal the part within us that is hurt and in need of love.

Spirit is Always Moving… For You

"I am allowing the movement: the ups and downs of human consciousness"

Intuition is best achieved through soul alignment - moments where we let go of the influence of our ego and experience the stillness of the spirit within. However, while in a physical body, it's impossible to maintain this experience. Therefore, learning to allow and receive the value of dropping out of stillness is crucial so that we can easily and naturally move up and into greater connectedness and stillness.

Every moment is on point for us.

Whatever we're experiencing right now is divinely designed and orchestrated for us from the spirit. Whether we're feeling the bliss of stillness or the urge to hit someone in the head because of anger, we need to learn how to allow the present moment so that the energy flows through us, leading us up and up continually.

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