The Art & Science of Enthusiasm 🐕

Get Excited About Life Again! Discover the power of Emotionalization™ and unleash your true excitement. Join the journey to live life to the fullest and embrace your unique self. Feel the energy and experience the joy of being alive! 🤩✨
The Art & Science of Enthusiasm 🐕
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Don’t Hold Back!

Children also allow excitement to take over their whole bodies… because they have not yet learned how to hold back their excitement – they have not yet been conditioned out of their natural enthusiasm.

Allowing ourselves to deeply and completely FEEL happiness, excitement, enthusiasm is SO important and healthy!

Yet we often hold back because we don’t want to look foolish, childish or stupid. Right?

But what if we need that energy in our bodies, in our minds, in our hearts in order to move on what’s important to us.

Consider that one of the reasons we find it hard to have the energy to put our goals, dreams and passions into action is because we don’t let ourselves feel it. We don’t let ourselves experiences that excitement, that enthusiasm for charging our batteries!

It sounds simple. But today’s guide will help you ground it in a practical daily skill 👍

A Sacred Muscles Workout 💪

2 Steps for More Energy and Authentic Enthusiasm

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