4 Keys for Intuition: S.O.U.L

Stillness. Openness. Unknowing and Loving. Dive deeply into the keys for living an intuitive, synchronistic life!
4 Keys for Intuition: S.O.U.L

Still. Open. Unknowing. Loving.
Let's dive into S.O.U.L.

Over the next four Mondays, I will be exploring one of the four keys that have helped me tap into my naturally intuitive self.

We all have intuition, but sometimes it takes a little time, patience, and love to remember and realize it.

So, let's dive into the first key of S.O.U.L... Stillness.

I share 7 Sacred Perspectives on Stillness. Take them all in as you choose. You might like to play with one a day this week.

I encourage you to use the information in this module as a guide to support you in accessing accurate information from within.

While we often think of intuition as our ability to call forth an inner answer to a specific situation, this guide goes beyond that by helping you live a naturally aligned and intuitive life.

You know those days where coincidence seems to find you at every turn? Those are the days when you are in the flow of your intuition and living in clear, guided information and energy from Spirit. You are simply allowing the intuitive essence or Spirit to move, speak, and manifest through you.

So, let's dive in!

S for Stillness: The Door to Spirit

Everyone is Intuitive

"I am allowing my own unique experiences of intuition."

We all have intuition. If you are breathing, you have a direct connection to the Spirit: the source energy of all answers or intuition.

The only real valuable thing is intuition. - ALBERT EINSTEIN

Taking the time to slow down and let go of the distractions of the physical world can allow you to experience the stillness of Spirit and tap into your own intuition. However, this can be a challenging task.

If you have made it this far, I would guess that you already have a deep and powerful experience with stillness.

My goal for this module is not for you to merely learn about intuition, but to deepen your own experience with it and develop practical tools for accessing your intuition on a personal level.

Starting with Stillness

"I am experiencing stillness as my access to the Spirit."

When you connect with stillness, you also connect with a creative intelligence that is higher than analytical thinking. Very often, the right decision then arises spontaneously. It may not happen immediately. It may take your going back to your normal life, but this time period gives your intuition the room and silence it needs to surface. - ECKHART TOLLE

Stillness. We all have a physical reference point for what that is.

The dictionary defines stillness as: silence; quiet; hush // the absence of motion.

It’s important to note that what we are talking about here is not physical stillness, but spiritual stillness. A stillness that while accessed through silence and becoming quiet, can be filled with information, meaning and melody. A stillness that is not void of motion but rather always moving.

When we experience stillness, we are experiencing the Spirit: Source Energy, which is higher than rational or analytical thought. And we need to get used to receiving our own inner knowing on Spirit’s timing – not the ego’s. Spending time in stillness, will put our highest clearest inner guidance in motion, but it doesn’t always come in when we expect it. We might spend time every morning in stillness, allowing our answers and dreams, but our clear “aha’s”, our clearest insights might come in while we’re driving, or in the shower, or making a sandwich.

Experiencing the Stillness Within

"I am allowing myself to connect with mySelf, my Stillness within."

There is nothing as certain as silence, stillness, and solitude to introduce you to the secrets of yourSelf. - GUY FINLEY

Allow your body to become still.

Close your eyes.

Allow your focus to move from outside of you, to within you.

Allow yourself to relax… to find greater comfort in being awake, and aware, within yourself.

Rumi encourages us: “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.”

Now open your childlike wonder. Remember how you experienced something new for the first time. A food. A place. A person. Allow yourself to experience yourSelf.

Access Points for Experiencing Stillness

"I am allowing myself to experience stillness."

In order to experience your own intuition, you will need to take your focus from the outside world and move it within your own consciousness. There are many methods we can use to support us in an experience of this. Experiment with the following to navigate your own unique way into your own stillness within.

If you do not follow your spiritual heart, you will hate every day of your life for the rest of your life. - JOHN-ROGER

The Spiritual Heart

Your spiritual heart is found at the center of your chest, at the center point next to your physical heart. Focusing here may connect you more fully to your own sense of Loving, which is a powerful springboard into an experience of deep stillness.

The Tisra-Til

Simply the center point within your head, regarded as the Seat of the Soul. Focusing on this point may connect you more fully with stillness and the Spirit.In many ancient traditions, the word for Spirit and Breathing is the same. You might be able to feel, observe, experience, enjoy, become one with… your breathing as a powerful access point for stillness.

The Breath

In many ancient traditions, the word for Spirit and Breathing is the same. You might be able to feel, observe, experience, enjoy, become one with… your breathing as a powerful access point for stillness.

Letting Go of Doing and Allowing Your Being

"I am letting go of doing. I am allowing myself to be."

Can you imagine letting go of all the parts of you that do, that try, that effort, that work.

Relax, let go. But remember only one thing: you are a witness. - OSHO

Let go of figuring this out.

Let go of a ‘right way’, or any ‘way’ at all.

Let go.


Let go.

When we let go of doing, we are left with our being.

Stillness as a Way of Living

"I am allowing stillness throughout my day, throughout my life."

It is the stillness that will save and transform the world. - ECKHART TOLLE

While a morning practice will give you the best ability to align your day with the vibration and frequency that you want more of, stillness truly is more a way of life, than a single practice.

From Eckhart Tolle: The easiest way to develop intuition is to develop the ability to be still at times. Rather than “trying” to develop intuition, go to the place where all intuition arises. You don’t need to worry about becoming more intuitive if you focus more on being still. Not necessarily for long periods of time, but have moments of stillness in your life, so that every day is interspersed with moments of stillness.

You have a relationship with the Spirit / Source Energy / Stillness. The more of you that you give to this experience, you will receive 100 fold in return.

Letting the Tap Run Clear

"I am allowing my mind to do it’s thing. I am allowing the stillness."

Isn’t it wild that logically sitting down, closing your eyes, and doing nothing sounds like one of the easiest things we can do. And yet it is one of the most challenging things for humans. I have worked with hundreds of clients, and there is no habit more challenging to master than a morning connection or meditation practice.

I have to let the rusty songs come through first, before the hits will. - ED SHEERAN

Just as dropping balls are a part of the practice of juggling. Sitting down and thinking of your shopping list, being distracted by later today, and going over yesterday’s argument with a coworker is a critical part of experiencing stillness.

Essentially we must allow whatever rusty water there is in our consciousness to run through, before the still, clear water remains.

If you’re new to a consistent morning meditation practice be profoundly compassionate with yourself that it might take some time of ‘only feeling distracted’ before experiencing stillness.

Hang in there. It’s profoundly valuable to allow the distractions. Your consciousness could be reconciling itself in a way that’s critical for the experience ahead.

And if you'd love to play and practice with a group of profoundly kind and supportive humans join us on Monday Mornings at 9:30am Pacific.

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