Raise the Roof 😃

Raise the roof on your life with more energy, imagination, and emotionalization! Learn how in this inspiring post by Fenix and Zoe. #YourHappyCoach #CreatingYourReality
Raise the Roof 😃

Fenix’ PepTalk

This week me and my Mum have been inspiring you to create your own reality! To choose joy! To raise the roof on your life!

Doing something that I LOVE first thing every day is one of my secret sauce! Nothing helps me clap along, dance along, prance along to life like me getting to start each day doing something that comes naturally to me!

So what’s that for you?! Maybe you could spend a little bit of time this weekend really prioritizing doing a little more of what Lights You Up ✨💡✨

Love, #YourHappyCoach, Fenix xoxoxoxo

From Dr. Zoë

It’s All About Energy

We all want to feel great! We all want to be clapping, dancing, prancing and raising the roof on our life. Right?

And it IS easier said than done.

New Psychology is showing us that it’s a fine balance of honoring and making space for what brings us down, AND it’s prioritizing doing those things that lift us up and fill us with energy and truly help us live our highest vibration and life.

Life is hard. It’s complicated. And it’s challenging.

There are no rules or formulas that will ever work perfectly in all situations, for everyone, all the time.

But a courageous and consistent focus on building the habits that both LIFT us up, AND help us be kind, self-honoring and compassionate to ourselves when we feel LOW is key.

If you haven’t already, check out this week’s Step by Step Guide for creating your reality with 3 key habits for visualization and emotionalization™! We’ve had such lovely feedback from so many of you so far for it! And we’re excited to launch a new guide tomorrow!

I love you too xoxox, Zoë

P.S. You do need to be a paid subscriber to access the guide below. But if you can’t afford it, email me and I’ll give you free access. And if you can afford it…dive in and invest in YOU. You’ll not only be adding to your own abundance and growth, you’ll also be supporting us in sharing this work.

Raise the Roof on Your Life with More Energy, Imagination & Emotionalization™

This Week's Step by Step Guide
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