Permission to Get Wild 🐯

Stop waiting for other people to give you permission, and start moving on what makes your heart full with your own permission slips. Let go of the need to be perfect, embrace imperfection, and step out of your comfort zone to truly experience the life you want.
Permission to Get Wild 🐯
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Stop waiting for other people to give you permission.

Let’s learn how to start moving on what we love and what makes our heart full and overflowing – with our own permission slips!

It’s wild how we hold back from living more of the life we love, because of doubts and worries and concerns that aren’t even real.

So today we’re going to get clearer on what makes us happy, and what kind of permission we need to actually move and get free!

If We Wanna Be Wild… We Have to Let Go of ‘Perfect’

We have to acknowledge that we’re imperfect – and we’re gonna fall and fail, if we’re gonna give ourselves the chance to really move forward on what matters most to us.

It’s our resistance to vulnerability – to being able to be perfect and always appear perfect – that holds us back from doing more of what we Love. It holds us back from experiencing the FULL LIFE we want to have.

So get ready to get imperfect, and out of your comfort zone. It’s time to rewild.

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