Navigating Uncertainty & Anxiety: A Habit for Clarity & Courage 🧭

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Navigating Uncertainty & Anxiety: A Habit for Clarity & Courage 🧭

We Are Living in Uncertain Times 🚨

This is not news, nor is it rocket science. It's hard not to feel like the ground is moving underneath us in these incredibly uncertain and unsettling times.

So how can we find our peace, power, and expansion when the world around us seems to be shaking? Literally. And in every way possible.

When you become comfortable with uncertainty,
infinite possibilities open up in your life.


Finding comfort in uncertainty, adversity, and suffering is one of the greatest gifts we have as humans with huge hearts.

What if these seemingly terrible and terrifying times are not against us in any way, but have been designed to shake us free, crack us open, and help us find exactly what we want most in this life?!

The Key Is Vulnerability 👐

The key to navigating these times is counterintuitive.

Often, when times get tough, we get tough. We fight, we resist, we suppress the pain and suffering, and we soldier on.

If a lion is running in your direction, this is great advice. Get tough. This is not the time to be soft and care about your feelings. This is a time to get tough and fight.

However, the challenge of these times is different. While it seems like the threat is in the world, the real challenge is what we are experiencing within ourselves.

The Real Challenge is Within 😞

I don't know anyone who isn't going through a challenge.

The planet is awakening, and so are we.

Many of us used to be able to suppress our doubts, fears, and negative patterns, but we've been forced to face them and (hopefully) grow through them over the last few years.

We are at a turning point on the planet, and we are each at a turning point in our own evolution.

We are being asked to let go of the fight and truly allow love.

I know it may sound hippy-ish, but maybe it's time for all of us to be hippies.

We all need to get on the love, peace, and compassion bandwagon, not only to do what we can to save this planet, but also to come home to the safety of our true selves.

But Won’t We Be Destroyed if We Surrender? If We Allow Our Vulnerability? ☠️

The key here is to understand that we are multidimensional beings. We exist as humans, but we are also spiritual beings inhabiting these beautiful human forms. When faced with a physical threat, such as a lion charging at us or an actual emergency, our primary goal is to take action to protect ourselves.

However, when our challenge is an inner fear, doubt, or panic, we must learn to transform these "attacks" by surrendering and being vulnerable instead of fighting or running away.

Rather than clinging to the fixing and figuring out that we do in our minds, we need to let go and surrender. Instead of resisting and fighting against the feelings in our bodies, we must learn to “relax and release”, as Michael Singer suggests. We can also follow Eckhart Tolle's advice and allow the present moment to be as it is, letting go and surrendering to now.

Your Power Comes from Love ❤️‍🔥

When we resist what is, our ego finds strength and control. The number one concern for our ego is to be in control. Instead of relaxing and allowing what is happening, we fight and resist to maintain a sense of power over our circumstances.

However, resistance disconnects us from our being, from the love or source within that is our true power. The challenge with resistance is that it hinders us from accessing our true power.

Vulnerability is the Birthplace of Everything We’re Looking For 🕊

We find love, courage, and power when we allow ourselves to be present and accept and embrace our human feelings, fears, and doubts. These qualities are awakened from within when we do so.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging,
joy, courage, empathy, and creativity.
It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.
If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and
more meaningful spiritual lives,
vulnerability is the path.


For me, the bottom line is that we must learn to practice self-compassion when facing difficult situations. We need to develop a practical and powerful habit of being gentle, kind, and compassionate with ourselves, even when we encounter challenging situations. This will help us transform and dissolve the ego reaction that tends to resist, fight, and disconnect us from our feelings when facing adversity.

The Habit: Letting Go of Resistance When We Feel Uncertain, Afraid, or Overwhelmed 🥹

Recall a moment in the last few months when you felt uncertain, afraid, or overwhelmed. Allow yourself to imagine and feel that moment right now.

Can you feel the tightness, tension, and resistance in your body, mind, and feelings? If you're not aware of it, try focusing on your chest and heart chakra. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to feel how you feel in your physical body. Do you feel relaxed, open, loose, and free? Or do you feel tightness, tension, and resistance?

The next step is to embrace and honor the resistance. Psychologically, we know that all resistance in our consciousness is simply working on preservation and protection. It's trying to keep us safe, lovable, and okay.

The next courageous opportunity we have is to relax and release the resistance. To let it go. To surrender to it. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes, in the face of great fear or uncertainty, we can simply relax and let it go.

But sometimes we can't.

Sometimes there is an experience in our consciousness that can't be let go of easily. Sometimes it first needs to be heard, seen, honored, and loved. Then, when it feels complete and whole, it can be released.

Until there is surrender, unconscious role-playing constitutes
a large part of human interaction.
In surrender, you no longer need ego defenses and false masks.
You become very simple, very real.
“That’s dangerous,” says the ego.
“You’ll get hurt. You’ll become vulnerable.”

What the ego doesn’t know, of course,
is that only through the letting go of resistance,
through becoming “vulnerable,” can you discover your true
and essential invulnerability.


Finding Out My Current 'Pains' Were Just Begging Me to Release Old, Festering Painful Wounds 😢

We all learn to fight or flee when faced with difficulty. It's not easy to stick around, to be vulnerable, and to trust love to guide us forward. But if we make the effort, if we try our best, love meets us and works magic and miracles for us.

When I first began to open up to this work, I was struggling with an ‘unfair’ work situation. Despite working hard, I felt criticized and unappreciated. The pain was overwhelming, and I felt unloved and unsupported.

So I allowed myself to feel that pain, that unfairness, that fury. I let go of the blame and the cycle of wanting to be right and to fix others and the world. Instead, I embraced the vulnerability of being human.

Through this process, I was able to release much of my childhood trauma. After a few weeks of working on this experience, I realized that my boss's behavior was triggering me because it mirrored how I felt with my stepdad when I was younger.

I was able to release the patterns I created to protect myself when I was 6, 7, and 8 years old. I stopped running from the pain, and stopped fighting with people who couldn't give me the love and support I needed. Instead, I learned to give myself the love and support I needed.

Even though my boss and work situation did not change at all, within a year, I was able to see that my boss was doing the best he could. I realized that his criticism and dissatisfaction were not a reflection on me. I allowed him to be displeased with my work, and I experienced the truth of doing my best. I felt love, appreciation, and celebration for the way I was showing up.

This work will lead you to personal liberation.
It will lead you to more Love and Abundance than you can handle.
But yep you’ll have to face your challenges along the way,
instead of denying or resisting them.

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I love you. Thanks for being here.
Zoë xoxoxo

The Rewiring Process: Transforming Resistance, Fear and Overwhelm back into Love and Energy [SUBSCRIBER ONLY] 🎖

In This Week's Subscriber Only Rewiring Guide we're diving practically into how to apply these strategies in our life: rewiring neurologically back to Love with these 3 Essential Habits.

This is followed by the Video Training with Dr. Zoë Recorded August 31, 2023, where Zoë walks you through an active closed eye meditation and process of transforming your relationships with Loved Ones.

Your subscription helps us bring this work of Healing and Compassion to more people all around the world 🌏 so that together we might create a world anchored in Love and Abundance, not Lack and Againstness 🙏 No one will ever be turned away for lack of funds. Email us here if you'd like complimentary access 💌

It is only $7/month. And you get 7 days Free to Check Us Out 🤗

This process is most effective when you're facing a challenge. Although it can still be helpful after the fact, it's most beneficial to work through moments of difficulty as they occur.

So, if you're up for it, the next time you find yourself feeling scared, sad, overwhelmed, anxious, or overthinking, try diving into this process:

  1. Start by setting a clear intention for the Highest Good and for the greatest amount of healing and clearing possible. Before diving into any exploration of our human consciousness, it's important to anchor ourselves in our spiritual truth: the Highest Good.
  2. Next, call to mind the challenging moment in your life and write down what's challenging about it. Allow yourself to dive into it. Let go of any need to be "good" or "spiritual" about the situation. Allow yourself to experience any sadness, anger, confusion, etc. Write down what's challenging in whatever way feels best for you. This is the place where it's okay to blame, to complain, to get bitchy, and truly take on the position of the victim.
  3. Now, move away from your head and focus your attention inside your body. Be as present as you can within your body. If you're more emotionally wired, allow yourself to feel whatever is going on in your feelings and body. If you're more mentally wired, let go of the past and the future, and allow yourself to be completely present, alive, and here in your body.
  4. Simply describe the energy that you're aware of in your physical body right now. This can be a complex and nuanced skill, but we're all inherently able to do it. It might take some time to remember how to do it, so if you're not aware of any energy within, make it up. Have fun with it.
  5. Next, let go of any tension or resistance within. Imagine it's like a tight fist, and open your fist until it becomes soft, open, free, and expansive.
  6. If you're more emotionally wired: feel and have compassion for this tightness, this tension inside. If you're more mentally referenced: simply say yes to whatever is present right now. Become one with what is. Accept and cooperate with it as fully as you can.
  7. Sometimes we find a place of resistance within (usually the result of trauma) that cannot be simply released in this focus. If that's the case, scroll down to "Giving Your Resistance a Voice" below.
  8. Allow yourself to continue to relax and release, letting go of anything that comes up within you that's tight, tense, or in contraction in any way. Keep allowing yourself to be present within, relaxing and letting go of anything that arises, until you feel open, light, and free.
  9. Complete the process with a huge hug and deep, sacred gratitude to yourself. Thank yourself for going through this very challenging journey of being human. Thank yourself for enduring, for serving you so beautifully.

Pro Tip 🏆

Once you've completed this process, it's a great time to be aware of any clarity you might be seeking in your life. Pay attention to your physical world situations right now, and allow any Light and Loving direction that may be present within you to guide you. Write it down, and then act on it.

Advanced: Giving Your Resistance a Voice

  1. Allow the resistance to become an exaggerated cartoon character. Give it a color, a texture, a movement, and a cartoon shape of some kind.
  2. Let this character speak freely, without censorship. Don't worry about what's true, logical, or rational. Let it share the energy it's holding on to.
  3. Let it keep sharing, ideally by writing it down, until it feels complete.
  4. Lift into who you really are: the Huge Heart; the Unlimited Love that you are. Let this character know what you just heard. Let it know that you have so much love, compassion, and understanding for it. Treat this character like a small child. Don't try to change anything for it. Don't solve or fix or change anything. Just be with this character, letting it know that you feel it, hear it, and love it so much. Just like a small child that has lost its favorite toy, don't reason with it. Don't tell the child you'll get another toy. Let the child know that you hear how sad, how lost, how truly sorry you are that this very special toy is lost.
  5. Ask this character from your Huge Loving Heart, "What do you need in order to let go? What do you need to relax and release everything you're holding onto?" Let your character answer. Don't answer from your mind. Let this character within answer. Just write down whatever it says without thinking about it first.
  6. Give the character what it just asked for. It might be a hug, to know that everything's okay, to take a nap, or to use your imagination to create an experience that it needs. Whatever it is, give it what it needs. If the character asks for something that is destructive in any way, ask it, "What is the experience you hope to have if that happens?" Then guide yourself to give that experience to yourself. For example, if the character says, "I need so-and-so to die and suffer," ask the character, "What is it you hope to experience if that happens?" Maybe it says, "I would feel safe and right." Then give the inner character that experience. Flood it with feelings of safety and rightness.
  7. Once this feels lighter and your character has been able to let in at least a little of what it needs, return to step 8 above.

Dr. Zoë will now share a little of the Neuroscience supporting this profound and practical rewiring experience. And then guide you in a closed-eye meditation supporting you in learning how to transform from fear and feelings into compassion and courage.

Learn How to Transform Challenges into Clarity, Compassion & Courage 

And Rewire Your Brain from Fight / Flight Back to Love

Video Recording via Youtube Podcast
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