Naughty or Nice? 🎅

Life’s melody sings its sweetest tune when we drop the seriousness and dance to its playful rhythm. Embracing spontaneity invites joy, laughter, and the beauty of life's surprises. So, let’s lighten up and savor the whimsical moments that make life extraordinary.
Naughty or Nice? 🎅

Fenix’ PepTalk

My Mum thinks I’m Nice… but I love also being a little Naughty!

Remember life isn’t as serious as you humans think it is… remember to let your hair down and play a whole lot more today ok! 

And use Mum’s 

Love 🐾 #YourHappyCoach, Fenix xoxoxoxo

 Stop Taking Life So Seriously

Elbert Hubbard, an American writer and philosopher shared: “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

We are all guilty of taking ourselves and our lives too seriously sometimes. Sure, we might also take things not seriously enough sometimes. But psychologically we are more likely to ‘make’ our lives feel and seem more serious, than it needs to be. 

But what’s wrong with this? And first what does this really mean?

When we’re taking ourselves and our life ‘too seriously’, we’re giving too much weight to the small details and decisions in our lives. Rather than being able to put it all into greater perspective, we narrow in on a small situation, and make it ‘more serious’ in an effort to gain a sense of control.

By believing and acting as if our life is ‘more serious’, in many ways we’re trying to control the greater outcomes in our lives, by controlling the smaller details. And the challenge with this approach is that trying to control the smaller details in life, is more likely to inhibit a greater, more successful outcome, because we inhibit flexibility and our ability to change, grow and adapt.

 Seriousness feels like a more successful approach, but in reality: holding life too tightly actually leads to an inability to flow, grow and thrive. 

A Step by Step Guide

Letting Go of Holding Life Too Tightly

The guide today helps us take an area of our live that we’re holding too seriously, and helps us breathe some Lightness, perspective and growth into it.

  1. Take a minute, just to breathe… just to relax… just to allow your body to relax, and let go of any tightness or tension in your muscles.
  2. Now… take your time… and let yourself be aware of one area in your life that you treat a little ‘too seriously’: the one area of your life that you obsess over and try to control all the details. E.g. My instagram following / My weight / A project at work
  3. Let yourself be aware: that you treat this part of your life seriously, because you care a great deal. That it’s important to you. And that’s ok! It’s ok to care. It’s great to care about yourself and your life! Acknowledge yourself for that caring. Acknowledge yourself for showing up for your life.E.g. Great job! It’s so wonderful to care about… making an impact and connecting on instagram / your health and body / your work!! Great job! Feel that celebration!
  4. Let yourself now be aware of the outcome you’re trying to affect with your seriousness. Let yourself really be crystal clear on what outcome or outcomes do you deeply care about. Let yourself dream and imagine and expand! E.g. I want to have thousands of amazing followers / I want to feel great, sexy and healthy and look amazing / I want to be successful!
  5. Let yourself really FEEL the outcome that you want. Let go. Stop being so serious about getting all the little details right… but just feel and expand with the best outcome you can imagine… HOWEVER it happens… regardless of all the details.
  6. Now be aware: Are the small details important and serious?! Does holding on so tightly help you receive and allow the outcome you want?! Or not?! Let yourself do your best to see that holding on to the smaller details makes you tight and inflexible… rather than able to change, grow and thrive.
  7. Pro Tip 🏆Write your awareness down!

From Dr. Zoë

Life has a funny way of wrapping us up in its whirlwind, doesn’t it? Sometimes, amidst the chaos, it’s easy to forget to pause, take a deep breath, and simply enjoy the ride.

I wanted to remind you of something crucial: it’s okay to loosen up and not take life too seriously. Embrace the playful moments, cherish the laughter, and let go of the weight on your shoulders. Life’s beauty often lies in those carefree instances when we allow ourselves to be swept away by joy.

Remember, every day doesn't need a blueprint. Sometimes the most wonderful moments are the unplanned ones. So, let's make a pact to find delight in the unexpected, to dance in the rain, and to relish the simple pleasures that life graciously offers.

Worry less about the small stuff and relish the beautiful mess that life is. Embrace the imperfections, laugh at the quirks, and savor every precious moment.

Here's to a life filled with more giggles, spontaneity, and a little less seriousness.

We love you!

Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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