Moving from Love not Fear ❤️

Life can often feel overwhelming, with constant pressure to do more and achieve more. However, research shows that self-compassion and loving support are more effective for motivation and improvement than pushing ourselves with sheer mental force.
Moving from Love not Fear ❤️
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Life is a LOT.

It can feel like we’re not doing enough, achieving enough, and moving forward enough.

The Number 1 Way People try to motivate themselves…

is through pushing themselves with mental force. A big mental thought form of ‘Just Do It!’

And as the world continues to come into balance with the Divine Feminine, the more compassionate and sensitive humans out there will find that working less and less.

Trying to PUSH Yourself Forward Doesn’t Work…

as well as LOVING yourself forward.

Self-Compassion is More Motivating, Says Science.

We think if we’re kind to ourselves in those moments when we feel lazy and down, that we’ll stay lazy and down. But Science says NO. If we can have compassion and loving support when we feel down, research shows that we actually do more and improve more dynamically. [More About Moving from Compassion Here]

A Sacred Workout for MORE Action Motivated by Love

First Compassion, Then Courageous Action

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Love YourSelf, Love Your Life.

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