Most feeling is a resistance to feeling🤺

Our fears, anger, and depression may seem to constrain us, but the true challenge lies in our resistance and avoidance of these emotions. Stress arises not from external events, but from our internal reactions shaped by belief systems and emotional pressures.
Most feeling is a resistance to feeling🤺
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Emotions Can Seem to Rock Our World 🥊

Our fears seem to keep us stuck and small.

Our anger seems to hold us out of forgiveness and moving on.

Our depression seems to hold us down and defenseless.

But what if our actual emotions aren’t the challenge they seem to be?!

What if… the way that we resist and put so much energy into avoiding, repressing, numbing from our emotions is the real cause of what is challenging inside of us?!

Stop Resisting Experiencing Your Emotions 🫶

Stress is primarily our reaction to external factors, influenced by our belief systems and emotional pressures. It’s what we do inside of us that creates the stress. It’s not ACTUALLY what’s happening around you.

If you knew it were possible, would you want to learn how to let go of the unconscious ways you create stress in your life and dis-ease in your body?

Today we’re inspired by David Hawkins and his Letting Go ‘release technique’.

A Sacred Muscles Workout 💪

Learn how to relax & release your resistance to feelings.

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