Life is Better Letting Go 🐞

You can't truly enjoy life if you're always trying to control the outcomes. To live a fulfilled and joyful life, we must let go of the need to control and embrace the journey as it unfolds naturally.
Life is Better Letting Go 🐞
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Today we’re talking about letting go of attachment and control, and needing to know what’s going to happen, because that’s what our family is doing right now.

We all want to keep Ellie so badly. We hate the idea of letting her go.

But I am committed to taking our time to truly make sure Fenix is on board with his potential new sister.

It’s my experience, that when I’m overly attached to outcomes – like we ‘have’ to keep her (and people will be disappointed in us if we don’t) – that keeps us from truly having the clear inner knowing we need to create grace, easy and joy in life.

So if you’re like us, and want to keep expanding into greater peace and joy, let’s clear our attachments and control together.

If we truly want to enjoy our life to the max, we need to let go.

It’s impossible to enjoy your life, while you’re also trying to control particular outcomes.

We can set clear intentions, and we can show up fully, but life is going to happen. We MUST let go of controlling and forcing something to happen, if we’re to live a fulfilled and freely joyful life.

When We Find our Success, and Love,

and Worth in Our Presence, Life becomes Easy and Happy.

It is a life-long adventure, but I hope you’re using these daily emails to keep finding the Love, Fulfillment and Peace you need in this present moment, in your heart and Soul, and not in your material possessions or your power in this external world.

Use today’s guide to help you learn how to clear your attachments so you can be open to the greater possibilities and influence of grace and Spirit.

We’re Letting Go of Control

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