Inner Child Meditation 🍼

Creating and maintaining a meditation practice is by far the hardest habit to develop, so have patience and kindness for yourself if you’re on this journey. The biggest block people face is trying to repress and suppress their human experiences, rather than loving and letting them go.
Inner Child Meditation 🍼
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Meditation is Not Easy

Of all the habits I support my clients in developing, creating and maintaining a meditation practice is BY FAR THE HARDEST HABIT to create.

So have so much patience and kindness for yourself, if you’re on the journey of expanding into more meditation in some way.

It’s Hard to Meditate When There’s a Big Baby Crying

We all have a lot going on. Every single one of us.

And whether or not what’s got your attention is some big stuff you’re handling in the world, or it’s some challenges and issues you’re working with inside of yourself – it can feel like a lot.

The BIGGEST BLOCK people run into is trying to repress and suppress their human experiences, rather than loving and letting them go.

Consider Treating the Fears & Feelings that Come Up…

Like small, sweet and innocent inner children that just need to be seen, heard and loved.

Use this Guide to Include Inner Child Healing as a Springboard into Meditation

I tried for 20 years to establish a powerful and practical meditation guide.

Learning to love and release my inner human experiences as a powerful entry point into meditation was a game changer for me.

It’s always worked wonders for many of my clients.

I’d love to know how it works for you!

Love Dr Zoë

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A Sacred Inner Child Workout 💪

Expanding into Meditation Easily Through Inner Child Love

Just think about holding a baby in your arms. So much love. So much stillness, sweetness and innocence. It’s almost a meditation JUST holding a baby.

Let’s learn how to include your inner baby as a beautiful springboard into a peaceful, practical and powerful meditation practice.

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