How Are You Feeling Today? Really? 😌

Feeling emotions is crucial for well-being. Acknowledge, express, and embrace them for greater happiness and health. Keep growing! 🌟
How Are You Feeling Today? Really? 😌

It's Time to Really Feel

It's Love Yo'Self o'clock with Dr Zoë & Fenix

Avoiding emotions can make us feel unhappy and even sick.

If we push down significant feelings, they will eventually bounce back stronger.

When we try to numb the bad stuff, we end up numbing the good too because emotions can't be picked and chosen.

So whether we like it or not, emotions will come. But ignoring them can really hurt.

Let’s learn the profoundly life-changing skill of simply ‘Really Feeling’.

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1 minute for More Self-Healing Today!

How do you feel? Really?! 😌 Just give yourself 1 deep and real minute, to authentically feel 👍

The #1 Way People Hold Themselves Back From Loving Life 👇

Is simply allowing themselves to feel. Really feel.

If you don’t feel the full range of emotions, you will not be able to feel the heights of really enjoying and loving your life. It’s that simple.

Would you be willing to change the world, from the inside-out!?
As you have the courage to ask for greater connection, community and support, you inspire and lift others to do the same.

Here’s How to Be Healthy, Science Says

Expressing true emotions is vital for overall well-being.

Writing down feelings or recording distressing events can aid in emotional regulation.

Facing avoided emotions may initially increase distress but leads to emotional stability, improved mental and physical health, and deeper self-understanding in the long run. [1]

From the International Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research:
"In conclusion, it is clear that expressing one’s true emotions and the feeling is crucial to physical health, mental health, and general well being, while a reliance on concealment gives rise to a barrier to good health.” [1]

Radical Self-Love Workout 💪

Let's Grow our Sacred Muscles of Self-Love Together

  1. Consider the last time you have a big feeling.
    We’ll start with a moment with the biggest emotion you can recall, to help you understand the dynamics and aspects of how to really feel. So just recall a recent moment of Big Feelings.
  2. Do your best to reconnect to that feeling.
    Feel it now. Really feel it by using the following 3 keys for feeling.
  3. Move from your head, to your heart and body.
    Move your awareness from your head and from thinking, down into your body and the feeling and physiological sensations that take place in your body. Describe what you’re feeling. Write it down.
    Example: I feel sad. / I feel down. / I feel disgusted. / I feel angry.
    [Feelings are generally short! So any responses like: I feel like he shouldn’t have done that / I feel that the president is wrong / I feel so disregarded and disrespected… These are thoughts! These are NOT feelings.]
  4. Exactly where in your body are you feeling it?
    Write it down.
    Example: I feel sad in my heart. / I feel down in my shoulders, like a weight is on my shoulders pulling me down. / I feel disgusted in stomach. / I feel angry in my eyes.
  5. If your feelings had color, texture, movement – describe them?!
    At first this will feel like making it up. So just make it up!!! Allow yourself to connect deeply with the feeling in your body. Write down the color, texture and movement of your feeling.
    Example: I feel sad in my heart: it’s blue and swirly and see-through and is just swirling all around like an impossible hurricane that’s uncontrollable. / I feel down in my shoulders: it’s a huge big dark dark brown slimy weight that’s pulling me down in all directions. / I feel disgusted in my stomach: it’s this jagged sharp dark black pit of jagged sharp rocks. / I feel angry in my eyes: I feel bright red daggers, like arrows, wanting to dart from my eyes.
  6. Great job! That’s REALLY FEELING. Now flood yourself with so much gratitude and self-loving and support. That takes courage! Take a moment or more to just acknowledge and love yourself! Whenever you make the HUGE and SELF-HONORING choice to feel… MAKE SURE you complete with loving yourself fully. Love your feelings, love yourself. Fill yourself with a huge hug and much love.
Pro Tip: Use your journal to identify your feelings daily, and use the 3 above keys to help expand into greater release and emotional healing.
 You can either write down how you feel at the time of journaling.
Or you can journal your biggest feeling from the day.

Learn How to Rewire Your Patterns with Sacred Self-Healing

Learning to Love and Heal Yourself is no longer Woo Woo – it's backed by NeuroScience and Pscyhology.

Learn the Foundation for Self-Healing

I used to not be able to feel anything 😳
Now I cry with profound love and joy at the simplest things 🥹

I learned how to NOT feel from a very early age.

I learned to disassociate as a way to not feel being sexually abused when I was very young.

And I then learned to actively suppress and repress my feelings when I was a teenager, because the grief of my Mum’s death was too much for me with the limited support and understanding I had at the time.

I became addicted to money and praise. And drugs. And alcohol. Which helped me continually distract from the unresolved emotions I had buried deep within.

Finally having the support, and the knowledge, and the timing in my life to start to grieve and heal, has not only helped me release my addictions, but it’s given me happiness and peace.

This is why I do this. This is the heart of what I care most about in the whole world.

You might not have had the juicy childhood I did. Yours might be worse. Or seemingly not as bad. It really doesn’t matter.

We all learn how to not really feel. And I believe, as does a lot of recent Science 😉, that until we do… we won’t be happy and healthy.

So let’s keep growing our muscles of Self-Love so we can be happier and healthier… together!

We Love You 😘
Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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[1] Jainish Patel, & Prittesh Patel. (2024). Consequences of Repression of Emotion: Physical Health, Mental Health and General Well Being. Indira Gandhi National Open University, Regional Center, Surat. C. G. Bhakta Institute of Biotechnology, Uka Tarsadia University, Bardoli.

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