Personal Email and Text Coaching Support from Dr. Zoë

Dr. Zoë and her team provide weekly personal and professional support via email and text, checking in on your progress and challenges. Support methods are tailored to individual preferences for accountability or empathy.
Personal Email and Text Coaching Support from Dr. Zoë

Personal and professional support weekly via email and text.

We check in with you weekly for your growth & challenge update.

One of Zoë's team will email you every week, to check in with you and how you're doing. Depending on the kind of support that you're looking for, we'll follow up in the way that best works with the kind of support and outcomes you're looking for.

Some people thrive on being held accountable – and we're able to support you in following through if that's you.

Others, usually more compassionate and empathic beings – are best supported in other less tangible but more energetic ways.

No matter what's important to you, we will check in every week to see how you are and how you're growing!

Dr. Zoë provides loving feedback and specific steps for moving forward 📈

Every week Zoë will respond to your update from the week personally, and suggest resources in the Dynamic Growth Dashboard that might be a good fit for you.

You will feel her loving and support. Because that's the thing she cares about the most.

And Zoë might suggest you attend her Online Hours, which are included in the Guided Growth Coaching program.

Text your questions to Dr. Zoë via SMS during the week 💬

Zoë will also respond to text questions once a day. We haven't yet created a limit on the volume of texting available for this program. We'll update this as we need to.

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