Embracing the Vital Skill of Asking for Help 🤲

Learn why asking for help is crucial in today's fast-paced world. Embrace self-compassion and break the blame-and-shame culture for growth.
Embracing the Vital Skill of Asking for Help 🤲

It's Time to Connect and Receive More Support.

It's Love Yo'Self o'clock with Dr Zoë & Fenix

Today we’re gonna unpack why it’s SO hard to ask for help, and how to grow our sacred muscles of trust & connection.

In the crazy whirlwind of life these days, asking for help isn't just a nice-to-have, it's a must-have skill we all gotta work on.

But it can feel kinda hard to do. Right?!

A big reason why folks hesitate to ask for a hand is 'cause they think it shows weakness. Society's kinda drummed into us that admitting we need help or asking for support makes us needy or pathetic.

But hopefully you know that couldn’t be further from the truth…

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1 minute for More Self-Compassion Today!

How easy is it for YOU to ask for help?! 🤲Now FEEL as strongly and deeply as you can, You Are Worthy of All the Help in the World!!! 🌎

Does This Pattern Also Hold You Back Sometimes?

Do you find yourself judging others for ASKING for help!?

Do you sometimes see it as weak or pathetic to ask for help!???

If we’re honest… we all do. We’re all conditioned in the same world where it’s noble to do it all, on your own, without needing others.

And this global karma HAS TO CHANGE if we’re to survive. We need to learn how to come together. We need to learn how to ask for help.

Would you be willing to change the world, from the inside-out!?
As you have the courage to ask for greater connection, community and support, you inspire and lift others to do the same.

Get More Support, says Nora Bouchard

The challenge can be that we become so attached to doing it all on our own, that our body has to give us the signals to ask for help, because our mind refuses to admit it.

Losing sleep, becoming more impatient, or a sudden onset of headaches can all be signs it’s time to get help.

And it’s hard, because we live in a culture of Blame and Shame, says Nora Bouchard and Brené Brown [1]

We have a Blame and Shame Culture Nora Bouchard, and Brené Brown agree: It’s self-compassion that is absolutely necessary to break through our blame-and-shame culture. Most of us are accustomed to thinking in terms of the “deserving” and the “undeserving” needy, the people who are worthy, versus those whose problems aren’t big enough to justify our aid. Sometimes we don’t even notice we’re doing it.

Many parts of society have encouraged us to become self-sufficient and isolated because corporations can make more money if you’re looking to fix yourself, rather than build community.

So let’s dive into one practical way to get the Self-Courage and Self-Compassion we need to ask for help.

Sacred Workout Time 💪

Let's Grow our Sacred Muscles and Create More Support

  1. What’s one thing you could use help with in your life right now? (We’re here to work out – to build our muscles. I don’t care how OK you feel, just think of one thing you COULD use help with. Just to work out this muscle.)
  2. How do you feel about asking someone for help with it? Be aware of where you feel it in the body? Is it a strong or subtle sensation? When was the first time you remember feeling THIS?
  3. What do you need, in order to ask for help?! Ask your feelings, what do THEY need in order to ask for help? Example: When I asked my fear what it needed, it said: I just need to know people will love me and not be put out and not like me.
  4. Give your fear, your feelings, the parts of you that struggle with asking for help – give them what they need, give them so much Love, Compassion, Hugs and Sweetness.
  5. Now go ask for help. Make it a small step. Remember we believe baby steps work best. But before the sun sets today, by text, or phone or carrier pigeon, ask one human being for help today! (Remember it’s about building this muscle. You don’t need to be on death’s door step to ask for help! But life is SO much better when we’re doing it together!)
Pro Tip: Repeat for 7 days! If you can identify that this is an important muscle for you to build, play with asking for one small thing every day over the next 7 days. It will feel uncomfortable, but before too long it will feel natural and awesome.

We Go Further…Together. We Need Loving Community to Thrive

Share Your Journey with a Friend

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Ok full disclosure. I’m pretty terrible at asking for help.

I am working on this one a LOT recently.

My Mum NEVER asked for help. Even when she was dying with cancer, she would still try to do everything herself. She didn’t have many friends, and except from my Grandma, she received very little support.

Unconsciously, I see many of those patterns in me.

I really don’t want to put people out. I just don’t want to ever be a burden or a nuisance.

But if you ask ME for help – it’s such a joy and gift for me to be allowed into your personal world! Right?!

So I’m doing the 7 day challenge. Email me if you like and we can support each other, if this is also big for you.

[email content for free] And I can’t encourage signing up for the Dashboard and Greater Support! And if you’d love to do that but don’t have the funds, email me. I’m working on sponsorship so we can get more financial aid for folks who need it.

We Love You 😘 Fenix and Zoë 🤗

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