E-Motion is Energy-for-Motion 🛼

Experiencing the full range of emotions is a fundamental part of being human; emotions are energy in motion. Suppressing our emotions disconnects us from our vital energy, and embracing them is essential for maintaining our inner life force.
E-Motion is Energy-for-Motion 🛼
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We ALL Have ALL The Emotions

Every single one of us.

So being angry, doesn’t make us an angry person, it makes us human.

And being sad, doesn’t make us a sad person, it makes us human.

E-Motion is Energy-for-Motion 🛼

Too many of us heard when we were growing up: DON’T cry, you’re ok. DON’T get angry, be a good girl. DON’T be disappointed, don’t be a sore loser.

We’ve all learned at times, how to disconnect from our emotion. How to stuff it back down. How to do our best to ignore that we very innocently have huge energy bubbling up inside of us.

Disconnecting from Emotion, Means Disconnecting from Energy

When we continue to disconnect, avoid, repress, numb our emotions, we will eventually overtime suffer from having lower energy, because in order to be alive – we need to live.

We need to maintain that inner connection to our life force.

Feel All the Feels, Just Don’t FOLLOW All the Feels

When we’re not used to having space, time and acceptance for our emotions it can be hard to not feel dictated by them.

For example if we’re never allowed to feel angry, and we are always pushing it down, never feeling it just shoving it back down in that pressure cooker inside of us – well one day something is gonna happen where we can’t push the anger back down – and it will be so overwhelming that it WILL be harder not to act in anger. It will FEEL like the anger is making us act out.

But that is an extreme and dysfunctional application of emotion.

If we just feel that anger consistently, we’ll not only be use it as the profound information system that it is. But as we just allow and experience that emotion we’ll be allowing that energy to be available for motion and action, rather than creating energy and action blocks in our body.

A Sacred Self-Healing Workout

Learn How to Experience Emotion

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